Sales productivity is an important metric that compares how much revenue sales is generating against what you’re spending on the personnel and resources that go into it. 

What often stands in the way of improving this area of business? 

Manual processes — such as tracking down relevant prospects, attaching the latest contact info to each, then organizing all this data in a way that makes it usable and shareable between business tools. 

That’s where the sales prospecting platform comes in. 

Haven’t chosen yours yet?

Or, maybe you have and are just wondering if there may be a more fitting option out there?

Whatever boat you’re in, keep reading to learn about some of the top sales intelligence tools between which to choose.

The Low Down on RocketReach

RocketReach as a sales platform is all about connecting its users to other professionals. 

This mission reaches across three main business areas:

  • Recruiting: RocketReach helps talent teams find great prospects and connect with them via confirmed email and phone numbers. RockReach software can integrate with the applicant tracking system (ATS) or customer relationship management (CRM) platforms you’re already using to keep recruiting more organized. 
  • Marketing: For marketers, RocketReach includes marketing campaign management as well as search features that make sure you’re finding relevant prospects to add to your email marketing outreach lists. 
  • Sales: In the sales prospecting category, RocketReach is all about providing verified email addresses, phone numbers, and social network accounts. It also strives to give background info for contacts, such as insights about the company where they work. In addition, the search feature can be filtered to ensure you’re only coming up with leads who fit into your target market. 

What enables RocketReach to so readily provide this kind of data to its millions of users?

RocketReach claims to have “the world’s largest and most accurate database” of contact info, with an 85% accuracy rate. Their website also boasts “real-time verified data” for hundreds of millions of contacts around the world.

On top of the functionality outlined above, RocketReach also features a browser extension, bulk lookup to help you fill in data gaps en masse, “Compose” for creating relevant emails quickly, and an application programming interface (API) that tech-savvy teams can use to integrate RocketReach’s data into their own platforms. 

Get five free lookups per month with RocketReach, or sign up for one of their paid packages:

  • Individual: $39/month to $249/month, when billed annually 
  • Team: $83/user/month to custom pricing, when billed annually 
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Top RocketReach Alternative: Datanyze

St the top of the charts for best alternatives for RocketReach is Datanyze

Coming in at the top of the charts for best alternatives for RocketReach is Datanyze

Why Datanyze? 

Because we built it for real, modern professionals on the pillars of continuous innovation, uncompromising accuracy, and practical affordability for any size business. 

To prove it to you, let’s go ahead and dive into each of the core features that make Datanyze tick. 

Huge Lead Database 

Datanyze is custom-created to help savvy sales teams effectively connect with only the highest-quality B2B contacts. 

Lead creation for startups, SMBs, and enterprises alike is streamlined thanks to our extensive database full of 120+ million professionals, 80+ million email addresses, and 63+ million matched phone numbers — and growing. 

Innovative Google Chrome Extension

With Datanyze, sales reps are finally empowered to uncover highly-accurate contact information within their existing workflow. No more wasting time (or sanity) switching between dozens of platforms or navigating clunky, slow old software.

Just use our Chrome Extension whether you’re browsing social media or a company website. In one click, Datanyze can pull up contact info such as direct phone dials and email addresses for the lead you’re inspecting. Hop on opportunities right away — or start building your list for later (which, yes, can be exported to CSV).  

Learn more about this extension at Datanyze Use Cases: How to Harness Our Powerful Chrome Extension

Scale Prospects at a Single Click 

You know that whole time-saving thing we keep talking about? Yeah, that’s because it’s everything in the sales world.

That’s where our capability to capture business emails and other contact info in bulk comes in. On LinkedIn, where most sales folks are spending a lot of time prospecting these days, simply click to view all employees at a company. With Datanyze installed in Google Chrome, you’ll see all employees as well as their info pop up right there on the page you’re on.

With Datayze installed in Google Chrome, you’ll see all employees as well as their info pop up right there on the page you’re on.

Unique, Personalized Conversation Starters 

“It’s just business” doesn’t really apply in the sales world. To break the ice quickly and build camaraderie with leads, it’s all about getting personal

That’s why our icebreakers feature feeds you facts about each prospect’s life using sources like their social media feeds as well as local news in their area. 

Show prospects you’re not just an automated bot and quickly start warm conversations with Datanyze.

Show prospects you’re not just an automated bot and quickly start warm conversations with Datanyze.

Commitment to Usability 

Something the majority of sales software overlooks?

Usability for the people who are actually going to work with it day in and day out. 

Not at Datanyze.

We’ve designed it from the ground up to pretty much remove any learning curve. With our intuitive and user-friendly flow, anyone can sign up and start using Datanyze to immediately uncover valuable contact data.

Comprehensive Contact Management 

All that lead data you’ve gathered at this point? Yeah, we also make it super easy to manage. 

With a clean dashboard, tagging capabilities to create lists of both businesses and individuals, and seamless list export to your CRM of choice — it’s easy to keep lead data organized so you never miss another hot opportunity.

It’s easy to keep lead data organized so you never miss another hot opportunity on Datanyze

Most Affordable Pricing in Prospecting

Datanyze offers packages with pricing that’s approachable for any size company and any level of data requirements.

We deal in credits, so it’s always easy to understand your usage level, pool credits within your organization, and add more credits at any point. 

If you’re not ready to commit, try out our free 90-day trial

And once you fall in love, it’s easy to upgrade to one of our pro plans — which are some of the most cost-efficient in the prospecting software world: 

  • Nyze Pro 1: $21/month, billed annually 
  • Nyze Pro 2: $39/month, billed annually 

10 More RocketReach Alternatives to Check Out

Though Datanyze is certainly the front-runner, there are several other RocketReach alternatives to consider. 


ZoomInfo offers a whole suite of business tools for sales, marketing, operations, and beyond. 

In the prospecting department, users have access to a contract tracker, a powerful B2B search engine that scours more than 300 company attributes, and a database that uncovers everything from business emails to decision-maker direct dials and even department org charts. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool from LinkedIn that assists sales folks in identifying leads on, you guessed it, LinkedIn. 

Sales Navigator offers a great set of search options, makes it easy to see a contact’s expanded network, and uses tailored algorithms to help you get in touch with relevant decision-makers. 

Learn all the tips and tricks to this tool when you read 13 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features You Aren’t Using Yet


Featuring detailed filters for quick list building, automated enrichment for Salesforce records, an API for enhanced integration, and a browser extension that displays company name and contact info — Lusha is a great solution for B2B revenue teams. 


UpLead is a B2B lead prospecting platform with one of the highest data accuracy claims we’ve seen in the industry — 95% guaranteed. 

In addition to highly-accurate prospecting, UpLead also helps sales folks with data enrichment, email verification that minimizes bounces, an email finder tool, intent data that identifies whether a prospect is actively looking for a solution like yours, an API, and a Chrome extension. 

With email verifier and finder features, bulk Gmail sending, a large contact database, an API, extensions for multiple browsers, and easy data transfer to leading platforms like HubSpot; AeroLeads offers the core features many salespeople need to be successful.


Apollo wants to help revenue teams reach every potential buyer on earth through their platform, which specializes in both sales intelligence and engagement.

Use Apollo for smart prospecting, enriching data, getting alerts when key connections change jobs, sales engagement stats, analytics, API connectivity, and integrations that spread across the entire sales tech stack.

Curious about upgrading your own stack? Check out Sales Enablement Tools: A Guide to Building Your Own Sales Software Stack.

Not only does enable teams with lead generation via an email finder, LinkedIn prospect tool, etc. — it’s also a CRM and even handles email campaign automation to keep salespeople on top of their follow-up tasks. These features make a perfect solution for the all-in-one shopper. 


Clearbit doesn’t just help go-to-market teams collect contacts. It actually brings together personal, company, and intent data to help users identify high-value leads — and take the right action with those leads to close sales. 


With plenty of email-finding capabilities — from individual email lookup to company-based email finding, bulk email identification, and email verification — Skrapp may be the ultimate email list-building software to set sales folks off on the right foot. 


We can’t explain it any better than GetEmail does themselves: “We use big data & machine learning algorithms to find the email address of any professional in any company in one second.” 

With simplicity and speed like that, it’s no wonder they can boast of working with top dogs like IBM, Google, and more.

Try Datanyze to Get Affordable, Accurate Lead Data

Try Datanyze to Get Affordable & Accurate Lead Data

Whatever the reason you’re looking far and wide for a RocketReach replacement, we can assure you Datanyze will never leave you out in the cold (our igloo is your igloo!). 

We rely on real customer feedback to build features that decrease prospecting time while increasing the quality of contacts. 

Wanna join us in creating the best solution for modern and smart revenue professionals at companies with normal budgets? 

Then you know what to do.

Sign up to get started with Datanyze right now.