We are hardworking techies that cherish thoughtfulness, friendliness, and dedication.

  • My favorite icebreaker?
    I was born and raised in Lima, Peru!
    Dafna, UI Lead
  • If I weren't a genius at Datanyze?
    I'd be a baseball player.
    Liber, UX Designer
  • If I were in the Olympics...
    I'd compete in the Nordic combined.
    Bar, Product Lead
  • My best icebreaker?
    I once participated in a Beauty Queen competition!
    Pazit, R&D Group Manager
  • If I were in the olympics…
    I'd compete in Beach Volleyball
    Chen, R&D Team Lead

Remote First

2020 forced everyone — from individuals to businesses — to change their plans. For the Datanyze team, that meant building a product and business remotely. Thankfully, hardship and pressure create diamonds, and our team of hardworking techies rose to the occasion.

Our hope is that our ever evolving tool helps you and your team overcome challenges too.

Our Core Values

Our mission is to make cold outreach a warmer experience.

We know that some of you are changing the world, disrupting whole sectors, and innovating. You have a lot on your plate, and we are proud to help you economize, fuel your growth and reach your next customer so that you and your business can be successful.

  • Accurate

    Datanyze offers a range of free and premium packages to accommodate your business needs.

  • Secure

    Rest easy knowing your information is secure and our data is vetted, safe, and compliant.

  • Fast

    Your prospecting never slows with our lightning fast, productivity-minded extension.

  • Intuitive

    Like our tool, our team is focused on your needs and delivering a seamless experience.

  • Fun

    We believe in a positive, friendly work environment. We handle our business with a smile.

  • Ambitious

    We aim to lead our field. We’re always learning, growing, and striving to innovate.

Looking to work with us?

We’re always interested in hearing from thoughtful, friendly individuals that are aiming to innovate.
To explore the possibility of joining the Datanyze team, email us at: