If you’ve ever wondered what more you could do to empower your sales team and help them close more deals, you’re in the right place.

Hitting your sales targets isn’t just about quick wit and a firm handshake. That might work in the movies—but in the real world, the job of the sales rep is much more detail-driven and plan-oriented. It’s about reaching the right people and really understanding your customer base.

But the world is a big place. The only way to improve your sales process is to use tools to study your market and your audience. That’s where sales enablement comes in.

In this article, we discuss what sales enablement really is and what it means for your business. Then, we share our recommendations for building your own sales enablement software stack

What Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the ongoing process of empowering your sales team with the tools and resources they need to succeed at their job. That can mean providing salespeople with relevant sales training or equipping them with software to make informed sales decisions.

For the first part, it’s important that your employees have access to relevant and actionable sales content to train themselves and improve their sales performance. As for the second part, sales reps need to be supplied with an array of online and offline tools and apps so that they can find leads, approach prospects, and close deals.

So who’s responsible for sales enablement? Not all companies have in-house sales enablement teams. Some hire consultants, while others delegate these responsibilities to their existing sales and marketing teams. Whatever the case, it’s essential to have a proper sales enablement strategy in place so that your sales reps have what they need to improve their workflow, drive more sales, and further the company’s bottom line.

Advantages of Using Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement isn’t something only for your sales and marketing teams to worry about. It’s crucial to the bottom line of your business and has a huge impact on your overall turnover. 

Doing sales enablement right means equipping your sales team with the right tools and technology to increase sales, so here’s a look at the direct benefits of using sales enablement tools at your business:

  • Sales enablement technology increases the overall productivity and efficiency of your sales team by creating cleaner workflows and allowing seamless collaboration.
  • Sales enablement tools also help you keep track of the individual customer lifecycle, which unveils new opportunities for cross-selling, reselling, and upselling.
  • By keeping track of existing customers, sales enablement also helps you personalize the customer experience with relevant content and offers.
  • With the right sales enablement technology, sales managers can hire better sales reps and get them up to speed faster
datanyze sales enablement tool

Datanyze: The Best Sales Enablement Tool for B2B Prospecting

What’s the most important goal of sales enablement? Getting new sales leads, of course. Maintaining the quality of your lead pipeline is vital for any sales team, especially in the B2B space. 

Datanyze is a sales prospecting and lead intelligence tool that helps B2B businesses generate and connect with high-quality sales leads. The simple and lightweight browser extension helps you research potential leads on LinkedIn, helping you easily separate the grain from the chaff.

Datanyze doesn’t just help you find leads, though. It also provides you with legitimately-sourced and accurate contact information on your leads for outreach, including email addresses and phone numbers. Then, it provides you with additional information such as industry, profession, and job status for each and every lead. 

Seismic: The Best All-in-One Sales Enablement Tool

According to Simon Sinek: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Seismic is a sales enablement tool that empowers salespeople to tell personalized and engaging stories to potential buyers

Seismic offers a lot of different tools under one umbrella, including sales training, social selling, marketing automation, and content analytics. The goal is to help salespeople with the training and technology they need to succeed in fulfilling their quotas.

Seismic is a highly regarded sales enablement and marketing personalization tool with over 2000 customers across a variety of industries, including Citrix, Domo, Deluxe, and Rackspace. However, it’s expensive and pricing is available only on request along with a scheduled demo.

LevelEleven: The Best Behavioral Sales Enablement Software

LevelEleven focuses on behavioral analytics—a key factor affecting closing rates across all businesses and startups. You could say that it helps salespeople understand what works and what doesn’t when dealing with prospects and customers.

LevelEleven offers real-time analytics and insights on sales behavior patterns for every project. It also integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to offer a unified sales management experience. 

In terms of features, LevelEleven specializes in things like sales coaching, real-time broadcasting, and personalized scorecards to empower, engage, and motivate salespeople. LevelEleven is perfect for sales gamification and performance management.

Highspot: The Best AI-Powered Sales Enablement Tool

Highspot is another all-in-one sales enablement platform that handles everything from sales coaching to content management to customer engagement. It provides actionable insights to help salespeople improve their performance and gives them access to the content they need. 

Highspot offers courses and lessons of its own that help with onboarding new sales reps and getting them up to speed sooner. The best part, however, is its artificially intelligent playbook recommendations that help salespeople find their way around tricky conversations.

Highspot supports more than 70 integrations, including Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Gmail, and Outlook. Highspot’s search functionality is powered by advanced algorithms almost as good as Amazon’s, so your sales team never has any trouble finding the content they need to succeed.

Klue: The Sales Enablement Solution for Competitive Analysis

Klue is a sales enablement tool that specializes in competitive research. Its sales intelligence platform analyzes competitors based on website rating, content ranking, keyword analysis, and news monitoring. 

Klue doesn’t just gather data on your competitors, it also makes it ridiculously easy to share intel within your team using battlecards, newsletters, and integrations. Whether you want your insights delivered over email, web, mobile, or Salesforce—Klue meets you where you work.

From ADP to Shopify to Cisco, Klue is the preferred competitive research platform for lots of amazing businesses and startups. It helps you gain a 360-degree perspective on the success of your competitive program, while also coming up with crucial insights on possible improvements.

best sales enablement tools of 2022

Mediafly: The Best Sales Enablement Software for Content Management

Mediafly’s goal is to engage the modern buyer through personalized content and immersive experiences. It has a very efficient content management platform that enables sales professionals to develop and deliver high-end content for the entire buyer journey. 

Mediafly doesn’t just help create sales and marketing content, it also enables your sales team members to distribute and share content through different channels. Apart from content management, it also provides coaching for onboarding new sales reps and enables sales professionals to host customer-centric meetings and presentations.

Of course, all this won’t do you any good if you can’t measure the success of your campaigns. Mediafly also provides access to world-class analytics so that you can analyze the success of your content with the right sales metrics.

LevelJump: The Best Sales Productivity Enhancement Tool

Built on top of Salesforce, LevelJump improves your company’s revenue impact by enabling sales teams to manage their internal performance. It offers coaching, insights, and milestone setting features to help sales reps gauge their performance and be more productive at work.

LevelJump is designed to streamline your Salesforce workflow. It provides sales insights, tracks seller performance, and visualizes milestone achievements to make sales enablement a breeze. 

Compass, Shopify, Hudl, Egnyte, and Watermark are just a few of the companies that use LevelJump. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your sales team’s productivity and motivate sales reps to work smarter, be sure to check out LevelJump.

Showpad: The Best Sales Enablement Platform for Mobile

Showpad is a fully-featured sales enablement platform designed for enterprises. It combines sales training and coaching with content management solutions to create an all-in-one profile for sales teams.

Apart from training your sales reps to provide better guidance and support, Showpad provides an array of content management tools to help create, distribute, and track content. There are dedicated tools to engage buyers with powerful customer interactions, plus additional tools to foster team collaboration.

Showpad also features great mobile support and support for a variety of different integrations. It’s available for Android and iOS devices and integrates seamlessly with integrations like Salesforce, Outlook, Slack, and Gmail.

Docsend: The Best Sales Document Management Tool

Docsend advertises itself as a document management tool for startups. It gives you complete control over your work documents, enabling you to manage and share access to important files the way you see fit.

With Docsend, you can increase security, control downloads, and drop access to files in real-time. Some of its features include secure sharing, document analytics, non-disclosure agreements, e-signature software, data rooms, and dynamic watermarking.

Docsend is owned by Dropbox and has clients like Contentstack and Quartz in its roster. While other sales enablement tools focus on customer relationship management, sales training, and content creation, Docsend makes sure that everyone has access to the files they need when they need them.

Brainshark: The Best On-Demand Sales Training Tool

Brainshark is an on-demand training platform for sales professionals designed to work across industries from healthcare to manufacturing to finance. Not only does it help you create and distribute on-demand training content to sales reps, but it also helps diagnose performance issues and improve sales team productivity across the board.

Brainshark specializes in resources for coaching new and existing employees, but it also lets you share the same resources with clients and experts to create better transparency. The virtual coaching platform lets you create a variety of different content, including presentations, videos, and even podcasts.

Brainshark boasts a remarkable client roster including companies like PTC, Riverbed, and Zoom. Its readiness scorecards, which help visualize the performance of employees, are a particular hit among users.

how to choose the right sales enablement tool

How to Choose the Right Sales Enablement Tool for You

Sales enablement is a complex process involving lots of moving parts. Your ideal sales enablement stack will differ widely based on the use case—and you might need to use more than one platform to really empower your sales team. 

Let’s take a look at the top things you should consider when choosing a sales enablement tool for your company:

  • The best sales tools are easy to use, which is why a simple user interface is the first thing you should look for. Overly complicated interfaces can damage the user experience and make your sales team averse to using the software.
  • If the primary purpose of your sales enablement platform is to coach new hires, make sure it makes it easy to create and distribute content in a way that’s accessible to your sales reps.
  • It’s important for marketing, sales, and operations teams to be able to collaborate on sales enablement, which means every good sales enablement tool should come with powerful collaboration features built-in.
  • Your sales enablement software should integrate seamlessly with your CRM platform. Look for sales enablement tools that work well with the CRM software you’re already using, be it Salesforce, Hubspot, or something else.
  • Sales enablement tools should come with powerful analytics to gauge the success of your sales team’s performance. Without the right metrics, you won’t know if your sales enablement efforts are actually bearing fruit.

Datanyze Is the Best Sales Enablement Tool for Lead Generation

You might think we’re just tooting our own horn, but it’s only because we’re really confident in our sales enablement platform. Datanyze empowers your sales professionals to keep their pipeline full of fresh, high-quality leads—the biggest challenge for any sales team. 

Datanyze does more than just help you find leads. We’re industry leaders in sourcing contact and company data from reliable, ethical sources. We help companies meet prospects, identify decision-makers, and initiate conversations that lead to conversions.

Ready to take Datanyze for a spin? Sign up for a free trial today!