In so many cases, lead generation is the lifeblood of business success. 

Whether you’re on an enterprise sales team or a founder who’s out there hustling to single-handedly grow your company, getting the right B2B leads for the right price should be high on your list of priorities.

But because leads are so valuable, thousands of different websites from which to buy leads have surfaced over the years.

Needless to say, it can be super difficult to determine which of these sources has the best quality leads for your industry — and for the best price.

This guide is here to help make your decision easier by: 

  • Revisiting why it’s so important to vet where you purchase B2B leads 
  • Breaking down the best lead generation companies based on price, accuracy, volume, and more
  • Sharing the absolute top B2B lead gen source in 2023 

What is a B2B Lead List? 

A B2B lead list, which is what you’re probably looking to improve or build from scratch if you’re reading this article, is a register of people at businesses that your company is interested in acquiring as clients.
This list should include names, roles, email addresses, phone numbers, and ideally a few personal and professional details about high-quality leads.

This list is where sales and marketing teams will start when they go to do outreach and craft conversion campaigns — which is why it’s so critical that the information contained within it is robust, accurate, and up to date.

High-Quality Lead

Why Buy Sales Leads?

The first reason to discover the right website from which to source leads is speed.

Though buying leads has gotten a bad rap thanks to so many low-quality sources, there is no quicker way to generate new leads — and therefore new business — than purchasing them from a good website.

When the leads are quality, purchasing a B2B lead list can be especially useful for building a high-growth startup or expanding a small business as it can quickly give you a long list of potential customers with very little hassle.

Purchasing sales leads is also often more cost-effective than other lead generation methods.  

Building a sales lead list from scratch can cost a lot of money, as well as lost opportunities along the way.

To generate leads online, you don’t just need to build a website that’s optimized to capture lead information. You also need to regularly produce content and create a brand and presence that brings traffic to that website. And if there is an offline element to your business, throw pricey events and local marketing into the mix. 

When you look at the costs associated with undertaking and managing these tasks, purchasing leads may be a more affordable option for real growth until you have the time and resources to tackle the rest.

Why it Matters Where You Buy Your B2B Leads 

Success with “store-bought” lead lists wholly depends on where you get them — for a few critical reasons. 

A Fully-Featured B2B Database Creates Efficiencies

Great lead-sourcing websites aren’t only about forking over a list of leads, they also help you maximize your effectiveness with them. 

Contact management, list exportation, browser extensions that fit right into your workflow, and other thoughtful and helpful features can help you do so much more with qualified leads — and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks for your team. 

Lead Source Predicates Lead Quality 

Data is the underpinning of sales and marketing success. 

Having high-quality data — that means data that’s detailed and accurate — on leads makes all the difference. Improving the quality of your leads by upgrading where you purchase them can mean spending money on campaigns that generate conversions, instead of campaigns that are nothing but cost centers.

Interestingly, less than 30% of leaders in sales, marketing, and data feel totally confident in the quality of their data according to Dun & Bradstreet’s 9th Annual B2B Sales & Marketing Data Report

Choosing the top B2B database resource may increase the quality of and trust in your sales and marketing data.

According to Dun & Bradstreet’s 9th Annual B2B Sales & Marketing Data Report. 29% of sales, marketing & data leaders have full confidence in data quality

Datanyze: Best Overall B2B Lead Provider in 2023

As not only its builders but its daily users, we can confidently say that Datanyze is one of the most well-rounded sources for B2B sales leads available in 2023. 

This is thanks to the balance it strikes between power and approachability across 5 core features

  • Time-saving Google Chrome extension
  • Hearty lead database
  • Seamless contact management
  • User-friendly platform
  • Affordable pricing

Plus, a unique bonus feature you have to keep reading to learn more about. 


Let’s go ahead and cover each element in more detail now to help you determine if Datanyze is the droid you’re looking for. 

Time-Saving Google Chrome Extension

The problem with sourcing email addresses and direct dial phone numbers by hand, or by using untrustworthy software, is that it can be time-consuming and you can never be quite certain that the information you have is accurate — until you send the email pitch or make the call. 

At Datanyze we considered this obstacle. That’s why we created a Chrome Extension for sales folks to get up-to-date and accurate contact information all while in the course of their regular lead research. 

In a few clicks, from whatever website or social platform you’re on, Datanyze’s Google Chrome Extension can retrieve contact information for any lead at which you’re looking. Use it to start building a super-relevant email list, which can be easily exported to CSV for quick use while opportunities are fresh.

Hearty Lead Database 

It’s not only what you can pull from other websites using Datanyze. 

We also regularly work on building out our enormous database, which currently contains information on over 100M professionals, including nearly 100M email addresses and over half a million matching phone numbers. 

Use Datanyze to find companies in your target market, identify decision-making team members (and their contact info of course), and see a list of top competitors to help construct winning outreach messaging.

And not only is there a lot of it, but our data is highly accurate, verified, and fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. 

Seamless Contact Management 

One of the only downsides of having an almost endless number of leads is organizing all that data in a way that’s actually useful and doesn’t eat up a bunch of time for your team. 

So we’ve also made it simple to maintain lead data for companies and individuals alike within Datanyze so you never miss a hot opportunity. 

Just use our clear dashboard and tagging features to organize leads right inside Datanyze. You can also seamlessly export your lists to CSV to be uploaded to your customer relationship management (CRM) platform or other business tools of choice.

You can use clear dashboard and tagging features to organize leads right inside Datanyze

Ease of Use for Everyone

Something not enough business software focuses on is usability.

Especially when it comes to sales and marketing tools — they can be quite overwhelming with overbuilt features and unnecessarily complicated workflows. 

Because we use it regularly just like you do, we made sure Datanyze was a pleasure to work with.

We’ve done that by building it from the bottom up to eliminate almost any learning curve. Anyone and everyone can sign up and start using Datanyze to gather lead contact information pretty painlessly.

Unique Feature Alert: Conversational Icebreakers

Another focal point that sets Datanyze apart in the lead database space is our thoughtful icebreaker functionality.

Being able to establish rapport with leads and foster a sense of friendship is critical to closing sales — especially big ones — and building mutually-beneficial partnerships. 

To help with this, our icebreaker tool provides information about each prospect’s life based on sources such as their social media feeds and regional news.

With the information Datanyze’s special icebreaker feature gives sales folks, they can easily and instantly strike up a dialogue without setting aside a huge chunk of their day for research.

Datanyze’s special icebreaker feature

Fair and Simple Pricing

Alright, let’s finally talk pricing

First of all, it’s important to note that we charge based on credits. This is somewhat common among lead databases, and we like it because it makes it easy to understand exactly how much capacity you’re using and have left. At Datanyze, these credits can be shared between users to make sales collaboration a little simpler and more affordable. 

And speaking of affordability, as of 2023 pricing for Nyze Pro 1 is $21/month when billed annually for 960 credits per year. Nyze Pro 2 is $39/month when billed annually. That’s 1,920 credits per year.

Our free trial is economical, too. New users can sign up for our free Nyze Lite plan to immediately start working with 10 credits per month for 90 full days.

Where Else to Buy Leads in 2023

If you prefer to keep wading your way through the many lead sources on the market in 2023, let us shorten your search with some recommendations to consider — helpfully divided up into a few different categories for your skimming pleasure.

Lower-Priced Leads

If you’re just dipping your toe into building and using lead lists, you may not have the biggest budget set aside. 

If that’s you, consider these more affordable lead databases. Starting at $29/month is an affordable and simple outlet for sourcing email addresses. 

Get emails for your target decision-makers when you search the database by name, company, or role. The emails on are verified on sophisticated mail server checks to ensure deliverability and secure your sender reputation. Chrome extension and application programming interface (API) features make CRM integration possible and empower quicker sourcing.

In addition, you can purchase ready-made lead lists from other members who work in similar markets. And, sell your own! 

Pricing: At the time of this writing, the Basic plan starts at $29 per month and includes 1,000 credits, API use, and bulk lead import and export. For $49/month, users can get 2,500 credits. And for $99/month you get 10,000 credits. 

SalesQL: Begin for $39/month

SalesQL was built to help sales folks supercharge their LinkedIn prospecting, specifically. 

Use their extension to source and validate contact information on LinkedIn. And you don’t have to be directly connected to these leads in order for it to work. 

Manage leads within the SalesQL platform and integrate with various other apps to send this valuable information to all the other business tools that make your sales team tick. 

Pricing: Get 50 credits (and limited functionality) each month with SalesQL’s free plan. The starter package begins at $39/month for 1,00 credits. Get 10,000 with their pro plan for $119/month.

Highly-Accurate Lead Platforms

Accuracy is always important when it comes to lead information. But some B2B data sources aim to take any additional double-checking off your plate by providing carefully-verified information from the start.

Consider these solutions if complete, already-accurate lead data is your highest priority.  

Leadsforce: Hand-Checked Leads

Leadsforce takes a unique approach to making sure its users get accurate lead information. First, AI is deployed to validate leads. Then, the 20M leads within Leadsforce are pre-validated, weekly, by a professional team. 

Users can tailor the leads they receive by building out several ideal customer profiles (ICPs).  This combo of accuracy and on-target lead recommendations has helped Leadsforce’s users nearly 4x their sales opportunities.

Pricing: New users can try Leadsforce for free. From there, the Starter pack is $960/year for 3,360 leads and the Booster pack $3,228/year for 13,500 leads. Credits can also be purchased on a one-off basis. 

UpLead: Promising 95% Data Accuracy

UpLead is a B2B lead database with millions of contacts that promises 95% data accuracy and lead lists that are all but free of bad fits. No surprise their website lists data accuracy as their top priority.

In addition to being an extremely accurate prospecting tool, UpLead also provides data enrichment, email verification for reducing bounces, an email finding tool, intent data that shows whether a prospect is actively seeking a solution similar to yours, an API, and a Chrome extension. 

Pricing: Get started with UpLead with 5 free credits every month. The essentials plan is $74/month for 2,040 annual credits. The highest tier runs $299/month for 12,000 annual credits. Enterprise pricing available.

High-Volume Lead Sources

If you’re scaling up into an especially robust sales and/or marketing program, sometimes pure volume of lead information is what you need.

Sound like you? The platforms in this section may be helpful solutions. 

ZoomInfo: Easily Filter Through Millions of Leads

ZoomInfo has one of the largest B2B contact databases, with more than 65M phone numbers and 150M verified email addresses at the time of this writing. 

To make it easier to navigate through this overwhelming amount of information, users can filter through the ZoomInfo database using more than 300 data points to narrow down businesses and specific decision-makers that align with their ICP. 

In addition, buyer intent and smart website visitor tracking capabilities mean ZoomInfo SalesOS users can connect with high-intent website visitors as well as identify these types of leads across the internet as soon as they begin their search for an offering in your category. 

Pricing: You must contact the company for information on SalesOS pricing as it will vary based on your required features, number of licenses, credit usage, add-on features, and more.

CIENCE: Hundreds of Millions of Leads, Verified Regularly

The GO Data platform from CIENCE boasts hundreds of millions of records. Daily validation, enrichment activities, and cleansing all ensure the emails, phone numbers, and other information within these records is up to date and ready to use. 

An interesting element of the way CIENCE creates leads lists is how it focuses on building a dynamic audience that’s unique to your ICP. This level of curation helps ensure your lists from CIENCE stay usable for longer.

In addition, Cience’s software also provides lead list downloading, website visitor tracking, ad targeting and retargeting, personalized research, and outbound services. 

Pricing: CIENCE is made up of various pieces that subscribers can mix and match based on their needs. Interested parties will have to contact the company to get their custom price.

Top Options with Interesting Features

Here, we wanted to highlight a few platforms that stand out for some special features that make them unique among lead sourcing companies. 

Lusha: The Privacy Leader

Lusha is another large B2B database with more than 100M contacts. But what sets it apart from the other large players is its focus on privacy. 

Lusha’s CCPA, GDPR, and ISO 27701 compliance all show its support of privacy legislation — which is only going to become more important as these types of rulings become more prevalent.

With Lusha, users can apply filters to quickly build lead lists full of actionable data and import those lists into their CRM to also enrich their pipelines. 

Pricing: Try out Lusha for free with 5 credits per month. At the time of this writing, paid plans begin at $29/user/month for 480 credits for one user. The Premium plan includes 960 credits per user for $51/user/month. Custom pricing is also on the table.

6sense: AI Makes Lead Info Actionable 

Sales teams know that the ultimate goal is figuring out where to focus their energy to create the greatest, and most consistent, revenue.

6sense’s B2B contact database uses predictive analytics to enrich leads with information such as where they exist in the purchasing journey — so that sales can focus on the people who are most likely to make a purchase.

With this tooling, sales reps can score leads more accurately, become aware of and close deals faster, and create highly-personalized campaigns that encourage conversion.

Pricing: Pricing is not available on the 6sense website. Interested users can book a demo or contact sales for more information.

Ready to Get Started Buying Leads?

There are plenty of places to acquire business leads today.

But not all of them can provide the balance of volume, accuracy, pricing, and functionality you need to improve lead quality and sales efficiency. 

With Datanyze, you can enjoy high-quality contact info — affordably — alongside some of the most thoughtful features in the industry.

Sign up for free to get 10 complimentary credits and start building better sales processes and relationships.