Whether you’re looking for your first lead gen tool or you’re ready to make a change from UpLead—and we’ll talk about some of the reasons why you might want to further down—this list will help you compare the best alternatives to UpLead to find high-quality B2B leads for businesses of all sizes.

What is UpLead?

UpLead is a B2B SaaS lead generation automation platform founded in 2017, with over 54 million contacts worldwide. UpLead helps businesses build contact lists of accurate, qualified leads that sales and marketing teams can use to fuel their pipeline. The company has a 95% data accuracy guarantee.

Why Do I Need an UpLead Alternative?

There are plenty of reasons you might be in the market for an UpLead alternative. For instance, several UpLead user reviews on G2 and Capterra estimate inaccuracies and bounce rates are closer to 15% or 25%—even with email verification. If you value accurate data, you should look into UpLead alternatives before investing in a new tool.

On top of this, here are a few more reasons you might want to consider an UpLead alternative:

You Want Clean, Easy-to-Use UI

Compared to other solutions, reviews have also mentioned that UpLead’s interface and theme can feel a bit dated.

You’re Tired of Overpaying

UpLead is more expensive than many alternatives, and their lowest tier plan is already $99/month for 200 contacts, which is more than many early-stage startups or one-person sales teams want. UpLead’s pricing makes it harder to watch your cash flow during those early days.

You Want to Try It Before You Buy It

UpLead does offer a free trial for new users, but it’s only seven days long, and only includes five credits. That’s barely enough time to give the tool a test drive, especially because UpLead can make it tricky to switch between paid plans once you’ve committed to one.

You Want Better Access to Direct Phone Numbers

The phone contact details that UpLead provides are often corporate office main phone numbers rather than direct dial numbers, which likely won’t help you get in touch with relevant leads or decision-makers.

Unfortunately for UpLead, 57% of C-level buyers report that they prefer to be contacted via phone. This makes direct phone numbers very valuable.

why direct numbers are so valuable

You Want to Make Cold Outreach More Personal

UpLead doesn’t have any features that can help sales reps start conversations with leads, unlike some competitors. Icebreakers that feel natural and personalized make for more meaningful interactions.

Datanyze: The Best UpLead Alternative for Lead Generation for Teams of All Sizes

Datanyze: The Best UpLead Alternative for Lead Generation for Teams of All Sizes

Datanyze is a Google Chrome Extension that gives B2B sales teams access to company addresses, individual email addresses, and direct phone numbers for contacts at businesses of all sizes.

Datanyze uses a combination of automated machine learning, trusted third-party sources, social media scanning on sites like LinkedIn, and human researchers to give you access to the most accurate B2B database available on the market. All data is CCPA and GDPR compliant.

Fast, Secure, Affordable

Datanyze’s real-time automated prospecting tool allows salespeople to fuel their pipeline and keep the leads coming. Datanyze’s quality data is vetted, secure, and compliant, so your sales team doesn’t have to worry about bounced emails or wasting time on phone calls to inaccurate numbers. Datanyze’s comprehensive lead gen features allow you to quickly and effortlessly generate accurate lead lists.

And even better, Datanyze offers a 90-day free trial option, so you can see how the easy-to-install and even-easier-to-use Chrome extension works for yourself. Visit the Datanyze pricing page to start your long, free trial now.

Start Conversations More Naturally

Datanyze’s featured icebreakers give you easy talking points curated from social media, local news, and other trusted sources to help you build more meaningful relationships with prospects. Breaking the ice helps warm up prospects more quickly and fosters the kinds of conversations that shepherd in deeper trust—and more sales.  

ZoomInfo SalesOS: The Best UpLead Alternative for Enterprises With Deep Pockets

ZoomInfo SalesOS: The Best UpLead Alternative for Enterprises With Deep Pockets

ZoomInfo is a B2B sales intelligence platform designed for enterprises. They offer sales teams “the biggest, most accurate, and most frequently refreshed database of insights, intelligence, and purchasing intent data about companies and contacts.”

ZoomInfo SalesOS connects to CRMs like HubSpot so that data flows automatically into your system. Its advanced conversation intelligence and sales engagement tools give sales teams a toolset to engage with prospects, qualify leads, and nurture customers.

If you’re working at a well-established enterprise and you need a comprehensive set of sales intelligence tools, ZoomInfo SalesOS could be an option for your company. But the price point puts it out of reach for most small and medium-sized companies. Annual subscriptions start at $15,995 USD, according to Salesforce AppExchange.

Apollo: The Best UpLead Alternative for Sales Engagement

Apollo: The Best UpLead Alternative for Sales Engagement

Apollo.io is a sales intelligence and engagement platform that combines prospecting, engagement, and workflow features into a single sales tool, with intelligent recommendations, automation, and reporting—all in one place.

Apollo’s interface isn’t as intuitive as other options, and customers on G2 and Capterra have complained about the mobile version’s responsiveness. The platform can also be slow when pulling sales leads—which can slow down workflows for sales teams and make it harder to reach goals on time.

Lusha: The Best UpLead Alternative for Enhanced Privacy Compliance

Lusha: The Best UpLead Alternative for Enhanced Privacy Compliance

Lusha is a B2B data enrichment tool that helps you find contact data on the web. They also have a prospecting platform with millions of contacts around the world.

Lusha is also ISO 27701 certified and allows you to conduct prospecting and find contacts in line with CCPA and GDPR rules, which is especially valuable for sales teams based in Europe or California. All of the solutions on our list take data security seriously, but Lusha went the extra mile to become the first ISO 27701 sales intelligence platform.

Now, the bad news: Lusha’s contact database is smaller than other options, and customers frequently complain about the lack of responsiveness from customer service. It’s also more expensive than many alternatives.

Hunter: The Best UpLead Alternative for Email Scraping

Hunter: The Best UpLead Alternative for Email Scraping

Hunter is an email hunting tool with a Google Chrome Extension that lets you find the email addresses associated with the websites you visit, while you’re browsing. It helps sales teams find who to contact just by visiting a company’s website, using crawlers that find and display email addresses publicly available online. Hunter is big on data transparency. They only share publicly-sourced email addresses, and they indicate the source and discovery date for every email.

Hunter is a useful basic tool for sales outreach. They offer 25 free searches/month on the free plan, which is a good place for teams looking to start automating parts of their cold outreach and increase lead generation. It doesn’t have a LinkedIn email finder feature, so finding B2B contact information for professionals in certain fields can be trickier.

Other UpLead Alternatives to Consider

So far our list has included some of the most popular UpLead alternatives on the market. There are a few more options to consider if you want to get a complete picture of the lead generation automation tool landscape before making a decision.


RocketReach is a prospecting tool with search functionality that helps you find key data points to complete your lead generation process. It’s comparable to other tools on our list, but some customers complain of inaccurate or obsolete data, and others say the pricing is not competitive enough to justify the value it offers.


FindThatLead is another prospecting tool that helps you find contact information for professionals in your industry. Its core functionality works well, but unlike competitors, FindThatLead doesn’t give users any way to apply filters to their search results—so you might end up with dozens of C-suite contacts when you’re trying to reach someone in the marketing department, for example.


LeadFuze is a prospecting tool that lets you find contact information for B2B sales. You can use Leadfuze to search by market segment or look for specific individuals or companies. Match rates can vary a lot depending on your business sector, so it’s not useful for all fields.

How to Choose the Right UpLead Alternative for You

When choosing lead generation software, it’s important to think about what matters most to you. Obviously, everyone wants fast, high-quality sales leads. But small businesses will also want to be more cost-conscious, while enterprises might be most concerned about APIs and integrating with their existing tech stack (for example).

Here are a few things to consider when comparing UpLead competitors:

What’s Your Outreach Process Like?

First, think about what you need the data for. That is, what type of outreach does your team conduct? Do your reps use cold calling, emails, LinkedIn messaging, or a combination of all of the above?

Additionally, what sales enablement tools do you currently use? Since some sales tools charge separately for phone and email contacts while others lump them together, you’ll want to consider your workflows when making your choice.

What Processes Are You Hoping to Optimize with Prospecting Tools?

Different tools have different strengths. Are you hoping to attract higher-quality leads? Gather more complete data on the right prospects in your industry? Personalize your cold outreach and email marketing? Are you interested in technographic data? Each of these considerations will influence which lead generation and lead management tools you choose.

What’s Most Important for Your Sales Reps?

Think about which features are most important to the people who will be using the platform you choose—your sales reps!

Does your team care most about ease of use, responsive customer support, various touchpoints, the ability to connect lead generation software to CRM and marketing automation tools, or something else entirely? Are they excited about automating the sales process? Are your sales reps tech savvy, or do they prefer to work with set templates? Make a list of their most important features and compare them to the list above.

Read, Read, Read

Finally, don’t forget to check out reviews! Websites like G2 and Capterra can give you a more complete picture of real users’ experiences than you’d get from spending hours on a company’s website, especially the negative or lukewarm reviews.

See Why Datanyze is the Best UpLead Alternative

With affordable and accurate contact information, an easy-to-use interface, and a comprehensive dashboard, the Datanyze Chrome extension is a great fit for any company that wants a fast and easy-to-implement solution.

Plus, Datanyze icebreakers can help warm up cold calls and email outreach by giving you easy, light-hearted, and relevant local topics to kickstart the conversation.

Ready to give Datanyze a try? Sign up today for a free 90-day trial to discover how easy prospect research can be!