Never underestimate the power of a good book.

No matter what you’re trying to master, learn, or research, reading a book written by experts in the field is one of the fastest ways to supercharge your knowledge.

And yes, that includes sales.

Picking up the right sales book can grant you access to the selling experience and lead generation expertise of top industry experts.

Although there’s no such thing as required reading to become a sales rep, there are some fantastic sales books you should add to your 2022 reading list (if you haven’t read them yet!).

Quick Tip: Can’t find the time to read? Give audiobooks a shot. They’re great for listening to on your commute, between sales calls, or even while you work out or cook dinner.

Why Should You Make Time to Read These Lead Gen Books?

Lead generation is the process of drumming up new potential prospects for your business. It’s important for salespeople to study and master lead generation techniques because that’s what allows them to find new opportunities and, ultimately, sell.

Lead generation is a complex subject, which means that there is a huge variety of books on the subject. Keep reading to see which books can help you master lead generation.

The Best B2B Lead Generation Books: 4 Must-Reads for Sales Reps

Without further ado, let’s dig into our top recommended reads for anyone who wants to master lead generation.

Lead Generation: How to Generate Leads and Sales to Grow Your Business Without Spending Tons of Money

Lead Generation by Larry Billson brings together practical tips and real-world advice for the benefit of new and experienced sales reps alike.

Lead Generation: How to Generate Leads and Sales to Grow Your Business Without Spending Tons of Money

About the author:

Billson is a sales and marketing expert with years of lead generation expertise under his belt. In this book, he shares nuggets of sales wisdom and some of the biggest lessons he’s learned over his career.

Why you should read it:

For anyone looking to up their lead generation game, this book can help. Billson guides readers through the process of building a lead generation strategy using proven sales and marketing tactics. This is a great book to read if you’re putting together a new plan for generating leads because Billson highlights the most important factors to help you get it right.

You’ll also learn how to avoid common mistakes that can sabotage your lead gen efforts, along with prospecting tips and tricks.

Lead Generate: 61 Days to Double Your Pay

Luring readers in with its promise to double their income in about two months, Lead Generate: 61 Days to Double Your Pay by Scott Groves sets expectations high from the get-go. Yet, somehow, this book delivers.

Although there are no guarantees you’ll double your revenue quite that quickly, this book does introduce concepts and steps that will set you on the path to fast-paced growth.

Lead Generate: 61 Days to Double Your Pay

About the author:

Scott Groves is a business coach and loan officer who built a successful career through lead generation. With two decades of experience in the mortgage industry, Groves is an established expert on sales development, social selling, and client acquisition.

Why you should read it:

This book functions as a lead generation playbook that you can follow step by step. It’s not written as a theoretical book of sales lessons; rather, it provides an actual blueprint you can use to achieve results.

The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies

The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes is a New York Times bestseller and a must-read for anyone interested in sales, business, or even personal productivity.

This book is particularly relevant for B2B sales, but Holmes’ suggestion that “pigheaded discipline and determination” are two keys to success can apply to mastering just about anything.

About the author:

Chet Holmes was a renowned corporate trainer, consultant, growth expert, and speaker. He understood that growing a business isn’t about the product or service offered, it’s about sales and marketing in the right way to optimize sales potential.

Why you should read it:

This book contains an easy-to-follow 12-step program for getting results. Holmes encourages readers to master a few specific skills at a time. Breaking down his approach to sales into separate steps demonstrates that Holmes was not only a master of sales but also of coaching B2B sales teams.

Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of

With over 50,000 copies sold, Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler turns real-world lessons into practical, actionable advice for sales reps and managers alike.

Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of

About the authors:

Former Director of Sales at Salesforce, Ross is a global keynote speaker and growth expert.

Founder of Strategic Pipeline, Tyler is a sales process consultant whose clients include Apple, Bose, and Mastercard.

Why you should read it:

The lessons in Predictable Revenue are based on Ross’s experience as Director of Sales at Salesforce, where he helped target the enterprise market and grow Salesforce to over $100 million in revenue.

This book is designed to help you overcome challenges in outbound sales (which Ross and Tyler refer to as “Cold Calling 2.0”) and avoid the “fatal mistakes”  that even experienced sales professionals commit. The authors provide real examples and practical direction (including templates and tables) so you can follow along with their lessons.

6 More B2B Lead Generation Books to Add to Your Reading List

Once you’ve read through our top four recommendations, these are the next six to add to your reading list.

How to Attract More of the Leads You Really Want on LinkedIn: Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Planner and Daily Journal

Written by author, speaker, and leading LinkedIn expert Philip Calvert, this book offers advice for sales professionals and business professionals looking to generate more leads through LinkedIn.

How to Attract More of the Leads You Really Want on LinkedIn includes a daily planner and journal, so you can note your prospecting activities and track your progress as you follow along with the book.

Profit with Your Personality: How Top Producers Win at Lead Generation, and How You Can Too

Profit with Your Personality by Dr. Lee Davenport is based on advice from interviews conducted with some of the country’s top real estate sales reps.

While this book is geared towards real estate lead generation in particular, the lessons can be applied to any type of sales. It contains tons of real-world advice backed by research and lived experiences, including a full chapter on sales tips for introverts.

How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn: Everything you need to know about using LinkedIn to drive sales!

Our next recommendation is How To Generate Leads Using LinkedIn by Ashley Johnson, a noted LinkedIn speaker and expert. This is an excellent read for anyone who wants to establish a stronger LinkedIn presence and make the most of the platform’s lead generation potential.

Highlights from Johnson’s book include practical tips for getting more value out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator—which is one of the best lead generation tools for LinkedIn.

Anti-Sell: Marketing, Lead Generation & Networking Tips for Freelancers Who Hate Sales

This one is a bit different from the B2B lead generation books featured on our list. Anti-Sell

by Steve Morgan isn’t written for sales superstars—it’s written for people who hate selling. But that’s what makes it such an interesting read for sales reps (or freelancers, real estate agents, or anyone who finds themselves needing to drum up business).

Morgan provides lessons from his own experience as a freelance SEO consultant marketing his business online. He encourages leveraging your unique skills and talents to build connections, establish yourself as a niche expert, and get prospects to come to you.

The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to Go from $0 to $100 Million

The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge, a HubSpot SVP with a background in engineering, brings an analytical perspective to all aspects of sales—from hiring to demand generation.

Much of the book details Roberge’s hiring process and emphasizes the importance of building a strong sales team, but it also describes scalable strategies for growth that you can use for inspiration and a roadmap for your own success.

LinkedIn for Business: The 15% Conversion Rate Marketing & Lead Generation Strategy for B2B Sales

LinkedIn for Business by Matteo Romano and Hassan Elfadul is full of B2B lead gen and marketing tips for LinkedIn. The book focuses on not only how to find sales leads, but how to turn LinkedIn leads into customers.

More specifically, the authors share a specific approach they use to convert 15% of LinkedIn contacts into new leads, including a specific sales funnel and message templates that readers can borrow.

Which of These Sales Books Will You Pick Up First?

There are tons of valuable lessons to be found in each of the lead generation books mentioned above. We hope you consider our recommendations, pick up whichever sales book most speaks to your current needs, and work your way through the list from there.

Not sure where to start? Consider your current level of knowledge, what skills you’d like to improve upon, and what primary goals you want to achieve.

There are also loads of online resources for learning about B2B lead generation. You can check out the lead generation guide by Datanyze here.