When it comes to connecting with decision-makers, there’s no one higher up the startup food chain than company founders and CEOs. 

You might assume this means they’re too busy to respond to your cold email. But that’s often not the case. At smaller companies and scrappy startups, in particular, the CEOs are heavily involved in purchase decisions that will impact the daily operations and trajectory of their business. 

One of the keys to making a positive impression (and garnering a reply) is a compelling sales pitch personalized to their company’s use case. This requires catering your outreach message to their specific industry, company size, and likely pain points.

Whenever possible, be prepared to back up your offer with social proof and a case study that demonstrates the positive impact your solution can have on their growth. Collect testimonials along the way and ask for referrals when you onboard a new client.

That said, before you can woo CEO leads with your awesome sales pitch, you need a way to get in touch with them. Like all B2B leads, CEOs check their inbox multiple times per day—and sending a personalized cold email is one of the best ways to get their attention.

But first, you need to know how to find a CEO’s email. Furthermore, you need a way to verify their email so you can build a viable email list and know you’re getting through to the right person.

This article will help you find the correct contact information for CEOs, so you can start reaching out to decision-makers and landing bigger clients.

How to Find Any CEO’s Email Address in Minutes

Let’s start with some of the easiest ways to find a CEO’s email address online. 

the easiest ways to find any ceo's email address

Visit the Company’s Website

This might be the most obvious place to look, but plenty of salespeople forget to check the company website when searching for a CEO’s email. The About Page or Contact Page are generally your best bets.

Even if the CEO’s email isn’t listed on one of those pages, you’ll still find some way to contact the business—whether that’s via a generic contact email address or contact form. The Contact Page can also be a good place to quickly find links to the company’s social media profiles (like LinkedIn) that might include the CEO’s email. 

Search Online Directories

Another place you can check for CEO and founder emails is an online directory. A site like Crunchbase can be helpful if you’re targeting tech CEOs specifically. The biggest drawback to most directories is that they aren’t automatically updated; rather, they require someone from the company or site to manually make the change. 

Unfortunately, this means the information provided by directories isn’t always accurate. In most cases, you’ll also have to pay for general access or pay per contact, so the cost can quickly add up.

Check LinkedIn 

LinkedIn can be a goldmine for sales professionals seeking out B2B contact information—including a CEO’s email address. It’s a great option if you already know exactly who you’re looking to get in touch with and just need to find their email.

Although not everyone lists their email publicly on LinkedIn, those who do tend to keep it up to date—which makes LinkedIn a more reliable source than online directories

Use a Google Chrome Extension

Another option (and one that we highly endorse!) is to use a Google Chrome Extension built specifically to help you find lead data. This is perhaps the easiest solution of all since it allows you to source accurate contact information quickly and at scale.

For example, the Datanyze Chrome Extension simplifies your search for any CEO’s email address on LinkedIn. B2B sales reps use Datanyze to save time and energy that can be better spent on actually selling. Try out Datanyze for free and see how easily you can find email addresses for high-quality prospects.

Less Obvious Methods of Finding a CEO’S Email Address

In the interest of providing as many avenues for finding a CEO’s email address as possible, here are some less obvious ways to go about it. Note that these methods tend to require more manual work or extra steps.

less obvious ways to find a ceo's email address

Try to Guess It 

You can try to guess a CEO’s email address and then run your guesses through an email validation tool. The key pieces of information you’ll need are the CEO’s full name and their company domain.

Typical email formats include variations of the following:

  • Firstname@domain.com 
  • FirstnameLastname@domain.com
  • Firstname.Lastname@domain.com
  • Initial + Lastname@domain.com

If you know what format the company uses for employee emails, you’ll have an easier time getting it right. For example, if another employee lists their email on LinkedIn but the CEO does not, you can follow that same format to guess the CEO’s email.

Connect with an Employee First

In some cases, you might have better luck finding the email address of an employee. You can send them a cold email to introduce yourself and ask to be connected with the CEO or decision-maker. 

It can help to mention the CEO by name and simplify your ask by specifically stating what action you’d like them to take—either providing you with the email address or forwarding your message.

The downside of going this route? It involves extra steps and an added layer of relationship building, which means it also takes a bit longer than sourcing the CEO’s email directly.

Email a Generic Company Address

Most businesses list a customer support email or general contact address on their website and social media profiles. So, if you’re struggling to locate the CEO’s email, you can always shoot a message to the generic contact email address. This email is often some variation of “contact”, “hello”, or “support” at the company domain. 

Depending on the size of the company, this email address might be monitored by someone who triages incoming messages and then decides who needs to see each one. We recommend being straightforward about asking for the CEO’s email address—you might be surprised how many positive responses you get.

Ask via Live Chat

Similar to messaging the generic contact email or filling out the contact form, one of the less-obvious-yet-effective ways to connect with a CEO is through the live chat window on their website. 

Even if the CEO isn’t manually checking or responding to incoming messages, someone on their marketing or support team is monitoring live chat—which makes it easy to get your foot in the door so you can ask for the CEO’s email address.

Reach Out on Social Media

Try messaging corporate social media accounts or personal accounts for the CEO or founder. Scope them out to see which accounts are most active and then message those first. This can be more of a long shot, especially since CEOs might not check social media as often as they check email.

CEOs, CFOs, CIOs & More: Datanyze Makes It Easy to Find Anyone’s Email Address

Datanyze chrome extension

Whether you’re targeting startup founders, CEOs, or other high-level decision-makers, every successful sale starts with making a connection. Now that you know how to find a CEO’s email address online, consider the benefits of using technology to build your email list faster and at scale.

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