Benjamin Franklin said it best when he first uttered the phrase: “Time is money.”

As a salesperson, founder of a small business, or CEO of a company, you know this all too well. Every minute you spend searching for someone’s contact info on LinkedIn is time spent not nurturing new leads and making sales.

There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve spent half a day scouring LinkedIn profiles for email addresses with little to no success. These precious contact details are the key to building the lead prospecting list your company needs to increase sales and grow.

If you’re taking more than ten minutes to find the contact information you need from someone’s LinkedIn profile, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the tool to help you quickly and easily gather the information you need from any LinkedIn account, regardless of your connection level.

Keep reading to discover how easy it is to find anyone’s contact info from LinkedIn.

Find Contact Info from Decision-Makers on LinkedIn

It used to be that phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles were visible to everyone on LinkedIn. Thanks to an influx of spammers, users on the platform are becoming savvier. Now, some only share these details with 1st-degree connections.

However, if you haven’t built a large social network with thousands of LinkedIn connections, there are still a few ways you can manually search for the contact details you need. This is also an excellent opportunity to collect additional information like job title, the industry they work in, and their company website URL.

Here are the top three places to look for contact info on someone’s LinkedIn profile:

Find Contact Info from Decision-Makers on LinkedIn

1. Contact Info Section

Every LinkedIn user has a contact info link in their profile just below their name. Here you’ll find varying information based on what the user has decided to share with the public. Some will limit the information they share here, and you may only see their LinkedIn profile URL. You could hit the jackpot and find everything you need—email address, phone number, and even their birthday if that’s important to you.

Generally, this is the best place to look first if you’re not using a prospecting tool for assistance.

2. About Section

Didn’t find the information you need in the contact info link? Don’t fret just yet. Scroll down a tiny bit and head to the about section. Most people on LinkedIn are there to grow their business and will often add a call to action at the end of their bio. Here you might find an email address or other way to contact them.

That said, some decision-makers have chosen not to include contact details in their CTA to reduce the number of pitches they receive.

3. Banner Image

The last place to manually check for contact details is the banner image. Some LinkedIn members use this space to offer additional information on their business. You might only find a URL here but may come across an email address or phone number if you’re lucky.

Skip the Manual Labor: Use a Chrome Extension Instead

Manually searching every LinkedIn profile is time-consuming and rarely productive. When you’re looking to build a leads list fast, you need results twice as fast. That’s why it makes sense to download and use a chrome extension that will help you quickly extract email addresses from viable profiles.

Datanyze is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that will help you save time and money–because time is money.

Skip the Manual Labor: Use a Chrome Extension Instead

In just two simple clicks, you can have Datanyze working hard on your behalf. Start by creating an account (it’s free!) and installing the Chrome extension. The extension will take you directly to LinkedIn, where you can begin building your prospecting list.

A small popup will appear on the top right of your screen, and from there, you can choose to reveal the contact information of any LinkedIn member. Click save to list, and Datanyze will create a list that you can export to a CSV or excel file when you’re ready to import your new leads to a CRM like HubSpot.

Export LinkedIn Contact Information in Bulk

Now that you’ve discovered how easy it is to download and use the Datanyze Chrome extension, you might want to build your leads list even faster.

Good news! You can build your lead list at warp speed with bulk search and exporting.

Option 1: Manually Export LinkedIn Data (Without Datanyze)

It is possible to extract emails from 1st-degree connections in bulk.

Here’s how:

1. Head to LinkedIn and click the arrow next to “me” under your profile photo in the top right part of your screen.

2. Click on “Get a copy of your data” and choose connections as the information you want to download.

This is a great way to download all your 1st-degree connections, but not foolproof. Chances are that many of your contacts will still be missing email addresses. Only connections who have a public profile and have allowed their email to be visible will show up in the dataset.

If you choose to go this route, you can still use the Datanyze chrome extension to supplement this list and fill in the missing email addresses and phone numbers.

Option 2: Easily Export LinkedIn Contact Info Using Datanyze

You can use Datanyze to make exporting contact information from LinkedIn easier and more effective. That’s because Datanyze enables you to search for prospects at scale and quickly surface relevant contact data.

Once you’ve installed the Datanyze Chrome extension, simply use the search function in LinkedIn to filter through user profiles.

For example, are you looking specifically for founders? No problem. Type “founders” into the search bar to bring up a bulk list. Have a specific company in mind? Type it into the search and click on people to get a list of LinkedIn profiles who work for the company. You should also take advantage of the filter function to create an even more targeted search by country, region, job title, etc.

From there, you can access insights by clicking on the little icon next to your prospect’s name in the Datanyze widget. This will take you to a nicely organized profile page inside Datanyze. Here you’ll find all kinds of helpful information about your lead–including a summary of their bio, work experience, annual revenue of their organization, and even other recommended leads who fit your search criteria.

Since everything is neatly curated and presented by Datanyze, you can accomplish more detailed prospecting without leaving your browser or wasting time clicking away to view profiles of every potential lead.

Use Datanyze to Find Accurate LinkedIn Contact Info in Minutes

Use Datanyze to Find Accurate LinkedIn Contact Info in Minutes

Whether you’re an inside or outside salesperson, SMB owner, or startup founder, having access to accurate prospect data can help you grow your business–and that’s where Datanyze comes in.

Collecting up-to-date contact information from LinkedIn profiles is crucial for B2B businesses that rely on lead generation. And extracting qualified leads from LinkedIn using the Datanyze Chrome extension is an excellent way to enhance any sales prospecting plan.

Skip the frustration of incomplete profiles on LinkedIn and time-wasting manual searches. After all, time is money–and you need a reliable lead generation tool that saves you both while helping to build your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using Datanyze today with a free 90-day trial and stay two steps (or more!) ahead of the competition.