Is it better to phone or email a sales lead? Like many sales activities, the best course of action depends on context.

When you get a prospect on the phone, you can often build rapport and click with them more quickly. However, there are many instances where an email is more effective and convenient than a phone call.

In any case, a prospects’ email address and phone number are both valuable pieces of contact data, critical to building relationships and connections.

But what if you only have one piece of the contact puzzle—say, a cell phone number? Is it possible to find an email address by phone number?

For example, you might want to send an email before you call to break the ice. Or you might want to follow up on a call with a friendly recap email. Not to mention the many reasons why building a solid email list is so important for sales outreach and lead generation.

It’s important to know how to find someone’s email address, even if all you have is their phone number.

The good news is that it’s not too hard to do—especially if you use technology to help you find the most up-to-date email address associated with the phone number.

Ready to get started? Here are the steps you can follow!

How to Find an Email Address by Phone Number

Need to send an email to someone but all you have is their number? Luckily, there are a few different ways you can locate a person’s email address when you know their phone number.

Here are the best ways to find what you’re looking for:

How to Find an Email Address by Phone Number

1. Start with a Google Search

If you’re lucky, a quick Google search might be all you need to find your target’s email address.

To test this, simply type the phone number into Google and see if any of the top results contain additional contact information. In a case where you know the person’s business phone number or their company’s phone number, Google is often the easiest way to find the individual’s email address. For example, the email address might be listed alongside their phone number on a directory site, personal website, blog, or their company’s site.

Even if you don’t immediately discover their email address by Googling their phone number, you might find other relevant details that can help you narrow down your search. This is a great place to start if all you have is a phone number, since your search might tell you their name, job title, or company.

Bonus Tip: If Googling their phone number leads you to a business website, check out the About and Contact Pages for a generic company email. This address might be your direct line of communication with the individual (particularly if they’re the business owner). And if not, going this route is an easy way to get your foot in the door so you can ask about connecting with the individual in question.

2. Do a Reverse Phone Search

If nothing shows up in the top results on Google or Bing, you still might find what you’re looking for with a type of specialty search engine or using online lookup services.

For instance, a people search engine like the Whitepages is one of the best resources for finding information about someone when all you have is their phone number.

Simply visit the site and perform a reverse phone lookup to see if you can find the person’s name and contact details. Even if an email doesn’t show up in the results, you can use whatever information is provided—like their first name, last name, and location—to narrow down your search in the following steps.

Do a Reverse Phone Search

3. Search Social Media

Once you do an online search or reverse phone lookup, you’ll likely have the person’s full name and maybe the name of their business. This information makes it much easier to find people on social media sites.

However, even if you don’t have the person’s full name, you can try to find their social media profiles by doing a search for their phone number on the platform itself. If their phone number is publicly listed on their account, your search results should include their social media accounts. From here, you can check out their bios and contact information to see if they’ve listed an email address associated with the account.

For more detailed tips on surfacing contact info from someone’s LinkedIn profile, here’s our guide to finding anyone’s email address on LinkedIn.

Another way to potentially find someone on social media is to add their mobile number to your contacts, open the app in question, and then sync your contact list. Depending on the platform, the account associated with the phone number should show up in your suggested contacts or people you know

4. Give Them a Call

This might seem obvious, but sometimes the simplest solution is also the best. So why not pick up the phone and dial the phone number? There’s no question that the person on the other end has the information you’re after–especially since it’s their email address you want to find!

But before you dial, you need to prepare. If it’s your first time contacting the person, we recommend preparing ahead of time to make your cold call as successful as possible. Consider how you can personalize your outreach, whether they’re expecting to hear from you, and how you can build rapport before asking for their email address.

5. Use the Right Prospecting Software

If you didn’t have luck with any of the above techniques—or simply don’t have the time to spend trying them all out—you can use prospecting software instead. Not only can this speed up the process, but it also helps ensure you’re finding an accurate, up-to-date email address for every contact.

There are a few different types of prospecting tools that make it easier to find email addresses (along with other contact information) online. For example, a lead generation tool like Datanyze can help surface up-to-date, accurate contact data linked to the phone number, so you can focus on making connections and building relationships.

A Few More Tips to Keep in Mind During Your Search

  • Play around with formatting in your search. If you’re searching for an email address by phone number, try a few different formats to see if they yield different results. For example, search for the number without any punctuation, using parentheses around the area code, and again with the dashes between numbers.
  • Use an email verification tool. It’s important to check the validity of any email addresses before you send a cold email. This will ensure you’re not messaging outdated accounts or hurting your deliverability.
  • Make every email count. After you’ve gone to the trouble of finding someone’s email using their phone number, you want to ensure your message makes an impact. For tips on how to write cold emails and templates to get you started, check out our cold email guide here.

How Datanyze Helps You Find and Connect with Future Customers

How Datanyze Helps You Find and Connect with Future Customers

Whether you want to break the ice with an introductory email or follow up after a phone call, it’s important to know how to find accurate contact for your leads. And regardless of where you stand on the cold calling vs. cold emailing debate, both phone and email are important channels for sales reps to master.

If your goal is to generate new leads, find someone’s phone number, or build an email list, the Datanyze Chrome extension can help. Uncover accurate B2B contact details in minutes, so you can find and connect with your next customer before the competition can reach them.

Looking for an easier way to connect with future customers? Try Datanyze for free to see how effortless finding someone’s email address can be.