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Introduction to Technographics

New to technographics? This guide will bring you up to speed on how B2B companies are applying technographic data to their sales and marketing efforts.

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Every business runs on technology.

The tools and applications people use provide tremendous insight into how they work, the challenges they face and what they’ll buy next. For technology providers, technographics is our lens into this world.

Technographics: Insights on a company’s current technology choices combined with buying signals that indicate future technology needs.

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Many technology companies still rely on firmographics (company size, vertical, location) and demographics (contact title, work history, social handles) to identify sales targets and craft marketing messaging. But these data sets don’t tell us much about how our prospects work or what keeps them up at night. Without this context, we’re forced to fly blind, communicating the benefits of our solution in the broadest terms to prospects who will never buy.

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What can we infer about a marketing team that recently ditched their marketing automation platform? Or a sales team that just invested in a CRM? Or a startup that just announced a $10M funding round and recently visited our website? These buying signals are central to the power of technographics and are reshaping the way technology companies sell, market and support.

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