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Powering a new era for sales and marketing teams, Datanyze is the leading CRM data enrichment company. As your prospects evolve, so should your data. Datanyze provides accurate, real-time information on 40+ million companies, so you always have a competitive edge.

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business data syncing with HubSpot and Salesforce CRM

CRM Enrichment

Enrich leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities with a new generation of business data that drives actionable insights for sales and marketing success. Integrate Datanyze with Salesforce or HubSpot to append accurate technographic and firmographic data. Sales Intelligence has never been so easy.

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Real-Time Buying Signals

Ensure that your sales reps stay on top of their account by surfacing key sales triggers like technology changes, traffic increases or funding rounds.

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Technographic Data

Help your reps understand their prospects' current technology profile by appending Datanyze technographics to every account.

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Firmographic Data

Identify your best prospects with firmographic data you can trust. Gain helpful insights and segment accounts by geographic area, address, industry, revenue, size, technologies used and more. And as your customers evolve, Datanyze automatically updates and enriches your CRM with up-to-date accurate data.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment takes the information you already have and makes it stronger and more detailed. Data Enrichment automatically enhances your already-existing records with Datanyze technographic and firmographic data points, including company size, revenue range, location and, most importantly, technology choices. Through a wide variety of integration offerings, this powerful information is available right where your team need it to drive growth and increase sales. Available integrations include salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo and others. For more information, and a full list of our integrations, visit our Datanyze Integrations page. A data enrichment API is also available to connect Datanyze to your existing data-driven systems. It’s now free (up to 100 calls per month) for all paying customers. Read our API documentation and learn about some common use cases.

Using data enrichment will give your team actionable and accurate information where they need it most. Technology and company intelligence is continuously updated and appended to your records so you always have the most current information and insights. That means reps spend less time researching and more time selling. And in the case of our robust Salesforce integration, users can leverage our Alerts custom object, which notifies you when prospects add or drop competitive or complementary technology solutions.

And forget the spray-and-pray approach to outreach. At Datanyze, we believe context leads to conversion. Our data enrichment solution gives your teams all the information they need to have more meaningful, personalized conversations with prospects. Dozens of data points, presented in custom fields within your own CRM and MA instances so reps can stop clicking from tab to tab, and start truly connecting with their accounts.

Powerfully simplistic, data enrichment enhances your CRM and marketing automation platforms with valuable information that drives business success — adding important insights about leads, contacts and accounts in the systems you use every day. Connecting Datanyze to your CRM or marketing automation platform allows data enrichment to append accurate technographic and firmographic data to any record as frequently as every minute. As companies evolve, so do your systems with updated data. For Salesforce and HubSpot users, Datanyze maps directly to custom fields. Once integrated, our best-in-class business data is available for use in your current workflows. Setting up data enrichment takes about a day. For existing customers wanting to add Data Enrichment, please contact

Datanyze seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and Hubspot (both CRM and marketing automation products). It also connects with Marketo through webhook. For all other uses, our API can be leveraged to push powerful technographic and firmographic data to your systems. Setup is simple: Data enrichment is added to your Datanyze account and a Datanyze team member will assist you.

Datanyze offers data enrichment for a nominal additional cost to any existing contracts that currently do not have access. For more information, contact your dedicated customer success representative at For new Datanyze users, data enrichment packages start as low as $500/month. Detailed pricing information can be found on our Data Enrichment pricing page. Additional costs may also include adding API access (or increased access for existing users who currently leverage our API) with the platform of your choice, as Data Enrichment will use our API to update regularly.

Depending on your plan, Datanyze Paid users can export information from Datanyze as part of their access to Data Enrichment. This data includes all available technographic and firmographic information on any given domain, and can be exported as a CSV for Data Enrichment on other platforms, so long as users remain paid users of Datanyze. Datanyze export features offer versatile enrichment options to users who decide against directly integrating their existing platforms with Datanyze.

“Datanyze helped us identify the top 20% of accounts most likely to convert, making it easy for sales to hone their efforts.”

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