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ABOUT Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric is a digital experience analytics suite that applies big data analytics and machine learning to HD session replay.

TOP COMPETITORS OF Quantum Metric IN Datanyze Universe

Top CompetitorsWebsitesMarket ShareVersus Page
Google Analytics377,33641.15%Quantum Metric vs. Google Analytics
Google Universal Analytics246,88126.92%Quantum Metric vs. Google Universal Analytics
Facebook Analytics67,4997.36%Quantum Metric vs. Facebook Analytics
Google Global Site Tag60,2886.57%Quantum Metric vs. Google Global Site Tag
Snowplow21,4352.34%Quantum Metric vs. Snowplow
Google Analytics Linker20,7152.26%Quantum Metric vs. Google Analytics Linker
Google Analytics Event Tracking16,8691.84%Quantum Metric vs. Google Analytics Event Tracking
Monsterinsights14,5591.59%Quantum Metric vs. Monsterinsights
Matomo9,9081.08%Quantum Metric vs. Matomo
Hotjar9,0960.99%Quantum Metric vs. Hotjar
Yahoo Analytics5,3120.58%Quantum Metric vs. Yahoo Analytics
Baidu Analytics4,7200.51%Quantum Metric vs. Baidu Analytics
Adobe Analytics4,6830.51%Quantum Metric vs. Adobe Analytics
Urchin4,6360.51%Quantum Metric vs. Urchin
RealTracker3,3910.37%Quantum Metric vs. RealTracker
WiredMinds eMetrics3,2540.35%Quantum Metric vs. WiredMinds eMetrics
Yandex Metrica3,2150.35%Quantum Metric vs. Yandex Metrica
Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce3,1120.34%Quantum Metric vs. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
Mixpanel2,7990.31%Quantum Metric vs. Mixpanel
Bing Universal Event Tracking2,6520.29%Quantum Metric vs. Bing Universal Event Tracking
MonsterInsights2,5570.28%Quantum Metric vs. MonsterInsights
Crazy Egg2,4890.27%Quantum Metric vs. Crazy Egg
Yandex Metrica Webvisor2,3890.26%Quantum Metric vs. Yandex Metrica Webvisor
Clicky1,8170.20%Quantum Metric vs. Clicky
Google Analytics Ecommerce1,5930.17%Quantum Metric vs. Google Analytics Ecommerce
Premonix1,3690.15%Quantum Metric vs. Premonix
Twitter Analytics1,3690.15%Quantum Metric vs. Twitter Analytics
Slim Stat Analytics1,0330.11%Quantum Metric vs. Slim Stat Analytics
Adobe Visitor ID1,0150.11%Quantum Metric vs. Adobe Visitor ID
Alexa Analytics9850.11%Quantum Metric vs. Alexa Analytics
PayPal Marketing Solutions9670.11%Quantum Metric vs. PayPal Marketing Solutions
Alexa Certified Metrics9510.10%Quantum Metric vs. Alexa Certified Metrics
WordPress.com Stats8560.09%Quantum Metric vs. WordPress.com Stats
Smartlook7760.08%Quantum Metric vs. Smartlook
Google Analytics Site Speed7660.08%Quantum Metric vs. Google Analytics Site Speed
MouseFlow7250.08%Quantum Metric vs. MouseFlow
SiteMeter6890.08%Quantum Metric vs. SiteMeter
SuperStats6750.07%Quantum Metric vs. SuperStats
Histats6570.07%Quantum Metric vs. Histats
eXTReMe Tracking6440.07%Quantum Metric vs. eXTReMe Tracking
Inspectlet5470.06%Quantum Metric vs. Inspectlet
FullStory4480.05%Quantum Metric vs. FullStory
Heap4360.05%Quantum Metric vs. Heap
Amplitude4360.05%Quantum Metric vs. Amplitude
Gauges3980.04%Quantum Metric vs. Gauges
Woopra3600.04%Quantum Metric vs. Woopra
Hitslink3210.04%Quantum Metric vs. Hitslink
Kissmetrics3090.03%Quantum Metric vs. Kissmetrics
GoSquared Analytics2440.03%Quantum Metric vs. GoSquared Analytics
Lucky Orange2380.03%Quantum Metric vs. Lucky Orange
eTracker2370.03%Quantum Metric vs. eTracker
HeatMap2340.03%Quantum Metric vs. HeatMap
Reinvigorate2320.03%Quantum Metric vs. Reinvigorate
ShinyStat2300.03%Quantum Metric vs. ShinyStat
Siteimprove Analytics2240.02%Quantum Metric vs. Siteimprove Analytics
RevolverMaps2080.02%Quantum Metric vs. RevolverMaps
Clicktale2060.02%Quantum Metric vs. Clicktale
Webtrends1910.02%Quantum Metric vs. Webtrends
XiTi1890.02%Quantum Metric vs. XiTi
ThomasNet Web Traxs1570.02%Quantum Metric vs. ThomasNet Web Traxs
Snoobi1520.02%Quantum Metric vs. Snoobi
MIERUCA Heat Map1520.02%Quantum Metric vs. MIERUCA Heat Map
ClustrMaps1420.02%Quantum Metric vs. ClustrMaps
i2i1390.02%Quantum Metric vs. i2i
AWStats1380.02%Quantum Metric vs. AWStats
Open Web Analytics1230.01%Quantum Metric vs. Open Web Analytics
GoStats1190.01%Quantum Metric vs. GoStats
Bombora Visitor Insights1160.01%Quantum Metric vs. Bombora Visitor Insights
GoDaddy Site Analytics1120.01%Quantum Metric vs. GoDaddy Site Analytics
KickFire VisiStat1110.01%Quantum Metric vs. KickFire VisiStat
Ptengine1080.01%Quantum Metric vs. Ptengine
Whoisvisiting1030.01%Quantum Metric vs. Whoisvisiting
Metricool980.01%Quantum Metric vs. Metricool
Web-Stat79<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Web-Stat
Alexa Traffic Rank78<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Alexa Traffic Rank
VinLens73<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. VinLens
Leadlander70<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Leadlander
SessionCam69<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. SessionCam
AFS Analytics69<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. AFS Analytics
TruConversion68<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. TruConversion
Mint67<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Mint
Motigo67<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Motigo
Webtrekk67<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Webtrekk
OpenTracker66<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. OpenTracker
WIPmania66<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. WIPmania
ClickHeat63<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. ClickHeat
OneStat.com61<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. OneStat.com
Adpearance Foureyes60<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Adpearance Foureyes
Countly60<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Countly
A1WebStats56<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. A1WebStats
Wipe Analytics48<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Wipe Analytics
Research Artisan Pro48<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Research Artisan Pro
KickFire LIVE Leads48<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. KickFire LIVE Leads
phpMyVisites47<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. phpMyVisites
Redistats46<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Redistats
Nakanohito43<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Nakanohito
Compete42<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Compete
ExtraWatch42<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. ExtraWatch
Lead The Way42<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Lead The Way
Get+40<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Get+
Performance Horizon38<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Performance Horizon
NextSTAT38<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. NextSTAT
BLOX CMS Analytics38<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. BLOX CMS Analytics
CommuniGator37<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. CommuniGator
UserHeat35<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. UserHeat
MyBlogLog34<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. MyBlogLog
SiteApps33<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. SiteApps
INFOnline32<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. INFOnline
WebSTAT31<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. WebSTAT
Nedstat Basic29<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Nedstat Basic
CleverTap28<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. CleverTap
IBM Unica NetInsight27<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. IBM Unica NetInsight
FCA Digital Metrics26<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. FCA Digital Metrics
NedStat26<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. NedStat
Webalizer25<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Webalizer
Logaholic23<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Logaholic
CANDDi23<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. CANDDi
IBM Digital Analytics22<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. IBM Digital Analytics
Yahoo Web Analytics22<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Yahoo Web Analytics
InnoCraft Cloud22<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. InnoCraft Cloud
WebGozar21<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. WebGozar
Hitsteps21<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Hitsteps
Demandware Analytics20<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Demandware Analytics
MouseStats20<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. MouseStats
Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture)20<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Adobe SiteCatalyst (Omniture)
Thunderhead18<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Thunderhead
Sellebrity18<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Sellebrity
Gridsum Web Dissector18<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Gridsum Web Dissector
IPFingerprint17<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. IPFingerprint
Clearbit Reveal15<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Clearbit Reveal
eStat15<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. eStat
GrowingIO15<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. GrowingIO
Indicative15<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Indicative
econda14<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. econda
HitSniffer14<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. HitSniffer
Linkpulse13<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Linkpulse
Stats.in.th13<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Stats.in.th
Vizzit Webbanalys13<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Vizzit Webbanalys
Ninja Analyze13<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Ninja Analyze
Tend13<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Tend
Kundvisaren13<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Kundvisaren
Localytics12<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Localytics
Track-Flow12<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Track-Flow
Jaco12<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Jaco
ContentSquare11<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. ContentSquare
GoingUp!11<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. GoingUp!
ActiveMeter11<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. ActiveMeter
bmetric10<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. bmetric
SpotEffects10<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. SpotEffects
Stat2410<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Stat24
NetMonitor10<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. NetMonitor
Google Analytics 360 Suite10<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Google Analytics 360 Suite
Footprint10<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Footprint
AutoID9<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. AutoID
DocoDoco9<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. DocoDoco
SeeVolution9<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. SeeVolution
Hey.It8<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Hey.It
Datalicious Optimahub7<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Datalicious Optimahub
Free Hosted Scripts7<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Free Hosted Scripts
3DStats7<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. 3DStats
Formisimo7<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Formisimo
Clickdensity6<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Clickdensity
Experian Stats6<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Experian Stats
Monitus6<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Monitus
Task Analytics6<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Task Analytics
expo-MAX Real Analytics5<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. expo-MAX Real Analytics
Trendcounter5<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Trendcounter
Foresee Replay5<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Foresee Replay
pMetrics4<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. pMetrics
Sophus3 Analyse4<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Sophus3 Analyse
TopSpot Analytics4<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. TopSpot Analytics
Markitude Web Analytics4<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Markitude Web Analytics
Statvoo Analytics4<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Statvoo Analytics
BLVD Status4<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. BLVD Status
DiVa4<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. DiVa
NeoWorx4<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. NeoWorx
TrafficScore4<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. TrafficScore
User Local User Insight3<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. User Local User Insight
Visionalist3<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Visionalist
Sibulla3<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Sibulla
Trovus Revelations3<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Trovus Revelations
RadarURL3<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. RadarURL
Sedotracker3<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Sedotracker
MapMyUser3<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. MapMyUser
VWO Analyze3<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. VWO Analyze
Luigis Box3<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Luigis Box
Spinnakr2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Spinnakr
CoolaData2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. CoolaData
Popcorn Metrics2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Popcorn Metrics
SiteTag2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. SiteTag
VisitorVille2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. VisitorVille
DeepMetrix2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. DeepMetrix
Stetic Web Analytics2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Stetic Web Analytics
FireStats2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. FireStats
SimpleHeatmaps2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. SimpleHeatmaps
AliveStats2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. AliveStats
Komito2<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Komito
trak.io1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. trak.io
Taboola Newsroom1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Taboola Newsroom
BotScanner1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. BotScanner
USERDIVE1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. USERDIVE
brick1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. brick
Altocloud1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Altocloud
AcquireInsight1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. AcquireInsight
DuraSite Tracker1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. DuraSite Tracker
WysiStat1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. WysiStat
OneAPM1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. OneAPM
AceClick1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. AceClick
Angelfish1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Angelfish
SkyGlue1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. SkyGlue
Streamcount1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Streamcount
Measure Map1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Measure Map
hippoJaw1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. hippoJaw
Hoverowl1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Hoverowl
iWebTrack1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. iWebTrack
Netbiscuits Analytics1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Netbiscuits Analytics
ScoreCardResearch1<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. ScoreCardResearch
Eaglestats-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Eaglestats
Radarstats-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Radarstats
Now Interact-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Now Interact
Kimono-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Kimono
m-pathy UX Insight G3-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. m-pathy UX Insight G3
Spotwatch-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Spotwatch
Content Insights-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Content Insights
FASO Analytics-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. FASO Analytics
GlassBox-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. GlassBox
brick heatmap-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. brick heatmap
NaviCast Click Analysis-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. NaviCast Click Analysis
SiTest-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. SiTest
Dynamic Tracking-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Dynamic Tracking
ONI Tsukkomi-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. ONI Tsukkomi
TS Analytics-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. TS Analytics
Statisfy-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Statisfy
SiteBro-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. SiteBro
Usergram-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Usergram
Bubblestat-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Bubblestat
Spyxel-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Spyxel
Koego-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Koego
Advanced Web Stats-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Advanced Web Stats
MVI Live Stats-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. MVI Live Stats
Track Word-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Track Word
Say.ac-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Say.ac
Observer-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Observer
Calq-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Calq
WTStats-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. WTStats
Weelytics-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Weelytics
IntelligenceFocus-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. IntelligenceFocus
Tracead-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Tracead
visitor.js-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. visitor.js
eAnalytics-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. eAnalytics
EngageMaster-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. EngageMaster
Salesmachine-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Salesmachine
Canopy Labs-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Canopy Labs
AT Internet Analyzer-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. AT Internet Analyzer
Baidu Cpro-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Baidu Cpro
CardioLog for SharePoint-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. CardioLog for SharePoint
Clickstream Datasherpa-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Clickstream Datasherpa
Nielsen NetRatings SiteCensus-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Nielsen NetRatings SiteCensus
Tamboo-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Tamboo
Thomson ONE Analytics-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Thomson ONE Analytics
Yandex Metrics-<0.01%Quantum Metric vs. Yandex Metrics


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