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Web-Stat is a paying program. At first glance this may not sound like an advantage, but think about it: why should you send your clients to a free stats program with no monetary rewards of any kind for your company? Instead suggest Web-Stat to your clients and share in the revenues generated. Web-Stat is a great stats program, complete, easy to use, easy to understand. The stats are live, detailed and accurate. Your clients will be happy with your recommendation. [ comparison chart ] [ sample stats ] Web-Stat is a third-paty, independent from Google, which means that it can safely be used to monitor the results of Google Adwords campaigns (it does not make sense to use Google Analytics to measure the results of a Google Adwords campaign: the same company can not both sell the ads and measure their return). Web-Stat is a reliable partner. We have been around since 1998 and are one of the earliest web stats company on the market. Today we monitor about 10,000 web sites worldwide. Our infrastructure is responsive and state-of-the-art. Web-Stat can be setup as a White Label stats resource, meaning that we can display the stats to your clients under your logo, your color codes, and even your own domain name. [ more ] Web-Stat provides you with a great way to generate additional income. We take care of everything: the headaches, programming, server maintenance and user support are for us and we'll share up to 50% of the money we make with you. All you have to do is recommend our service to your clients ! How much will I earn ? Your revenue sharing percentage will be a function of how many paying clients you have sent to us.
1670 Springdale Plazza, Unit 9, Ste 270Camden, South Carolina, 29020United States
$8.1 Million

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