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Provideam Ltd
For the last fifteen years we have focused on providing world class, simple to use, simple to implement, yet cost-effective OEE Analysis solutions. Provideam OEE is the culmination of years of front line experience merging the requirements of the Production Management Team with the realities of practical automatic/manual data collection from the Plant Floor. At the end of the day Provideam OEE is a production management tool and it is essential that it is implemented in a way that is easy to use and provides tangible analysis benefits to the end users. Provideam OEE was possibly the first completely native, web-based OEE Analysis Tool, in the world. Despite the limitations of developing for the web, especially in the early years, we chose this path because we have always believed that it is essential that there are no restrictions on accessing productivity data. In other words there are no client or user restrictions - beyond the ones you chose to impose. Thus anyone, anywhere in your plant can access Provideam as long as you have provided them with a username and password. This native web development continues with our recent release of a touch based application for Pads, and our intention to offer a cloud version of Provideam in the near future. Today, as heretofore, we continue to strive to improve Provideam OEE by enhancing existing features and adding new ones. Our technical roadmap is largely guided by your feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us, we would be delighted to discuss your ideas with you.
148A E Charles StMatthews, North Carolina, 28105United States
(888) 665-3678

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