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TOP COMPETITORS OF PHP 5.3 IN Datanyze Universe

PHP 5.3 is ranked #6 put of 296 Programming Languages technologies in Datanyze Universe
Top CompetitorsWebsitesMarket ShareVersus Page
PHP3,044,392 39.05% PHP 5.3 vs. PHP
ASP.NET2,035,920 26.12% PHP 5.3 vs. ASP.NET
Lua932,850 11.97% PHP 5.3 vs. Lua
PHP 5.6679,750 8.72% PHP 5.3 vs. PHP 5.6
CSS261,321 3.35% PHP 5.3 vs. CSS
Java173,023 2.22% PHP 5.3 vs. Java
Go (Golang)111,575 1.43% PHP 5.3 vs. Go (Golang)
Python42,157 0.54% PHP 5.3 vs. Python
C#21,114 0.27% PHP 5.3 vs. C#
SQL19,318 0.25% PHP 5.3 vs. SQL

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