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Digital Active utilizes CKEditor in their database driven web applications. CKEditor enhances these applications with its powerful editing capabilities and ease of use. Digital Active includes CKEditor in their ActiveCMS website Content Management System as well as ActiveOffice which includes modules for: Project Tracking, Sales Tracking, File Sharing, Discussion Forums, Blogs and more. Digital Active uses the Adobe ColdFusion platform with CKEditor which has made it easy to customize areas within CKEditor. Digital Active has thousands of satisfied customers using CKEditor within their applications on a daily basis. GetSimple CMS is a lightweight, XML based content management system (CMS) that is quick and easy to install, and even easier to use. There is no database to setup and maintain, and our goal is to cater to small (1-15 page) sites while still providing all the features needed to create a fully functioning website. CKEditor was chosen as the WYSIWYG editor for GetSimple because of its awesome functionality as well as it extensive developer resources. After months of research, MailChimp chose FCKeditor because it was the most robust open source WYSIWYG editor that was also configurable to work around the complexities of properly sending HTML emails. Over 2.5 million users benefit from MailChimp. Most of them are creative professionals, so FCKeditor's ongoing Safari compatibility efforts were a major factor in our choice. Zope Corporation provides hosted content management and commerce applications for media companies. We use FCKeditor in our Zope4Media product to let non-technical users enter rich content to be published on their hosted web sites. CoreTrek is a Norwegian software company and web solutions provider. Our two main products are CorePublish, a PHP-based CMS, and CorePortal, a Java-based Enterprise Information Portal engine. We have integrated and embedded FCKeditor for all WYSIWYG HTML editing purposes in our software. UpTake enables you to plan for personal trips the way you want to. We are using FCKeditor in our internal CMS.
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