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NeuroDimension Inc
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Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, NeuroDimension is the world's leading provider of neural network development tools. It was founded in 1991 by Steven Reid, MD, Jose Principe, PhD (Director of the Computational Neural Engineering Lab at the University of Florida), and Curt Lefebvre, PhD (CEO of NeuCo). These three individuals were instrumental in the company's early success. Dr. Reid provided the initial capital to get the company off the ground. Dr. Principe provided the engineering staff with technical direction and had helped secure research grant funding for the company. Dr. Lefebvre was the principal author of the company's core neural network technology. The company was formed around a software tool, NeuroSolutions, which enables engineers and researchers to easily model their data using neural networks. Since NeuroSolutions was introduced in 1994, it has attracted thousands of users from over 60 countries around the globe, making it the standard in neural network development tools. NeuroDimension itself has also used this product as the basis for numerous research grants, neural network courses, an interactive textbook, consulting projects and the development of several related products. Additional key individuals from this formative period include: Gary Lynn, vice president and project lead for NeuroSolutions following its initial release. And, Dan Wooten, president, CEO, and project lead for many of the company's other products and consulting efforts.
3701 NW 40th Ter, Ste 1Gainesville, Florida, 32606United States
(352) 377-5144
$10.0 Million

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