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Junk Email Filter Inc
Software & Technical Consulting
We are dedicated to keeping your good email private. Privacy is in our opinion an absolute right. We do not disclose the contents of emails to lawyers, law enforcement, or government agencies. We will not comply with any subpoena that is not signed by a judge of appropriate jurisdiction (Santa Clara County California, United States). This means no NSA letter that do not have a judge's signature. We will fight any attempt of any government to spy on our customers. We will cooperate with law enforcement in cases where lives are in immediate danger. We are not however like AT&T and other Telecoms that just hand over access to anything governments want to tap. It is our view that government exist solely for the purpose of serving the people and no other reason. Government spying for the purpose of gathering information on political dissidents for the purpose of oppressing free speech is fundamentally wrong and our spam filtering service will not cooperate with it. Our servers support encrypted connections both incoming and outgoing. We encourage everyone to use encryption when sending email across the Internet. Additionally we do not normally store email on our servers except for the time it takes in between when we receive it and when we send it out. Most good email that passes through our servers stays in RAM and is never written to disk. That which is written to disk is deleted as soon as we send it on unless we are saving something for diagnostic reasons. We do however save spam in some situations for analysis and we share blacklist, whitelist, hash fingerprints, and other forensic information with others in the spam filtering business and with the public to assist those who are also trying to block spam. We also encourage you to support the good folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their tireless effort to protect our online privacy rights.
7498 Chestnut StGilroy, California, 95020United States
(415) 992-3400
$6.0 Million

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