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Alnet Systems Inc. was founded in Europe the first of part of 1989. During that time Alnet was a major established software manufacture in Gdansk, Poland. Since 1999 Alnet has been developing the "state of the art" digital recording systems and image recognition systems. Thanks to the qualified Alnet specialists in our research and development department we are able to offer our clients the highest technical security products in the world. Alnet Systems Inc. leading products are the digital video recorders systems available in many different models for the new security trends in today's markets. At the present time Alnet is working on a new system for vehicle license plates identification system (PRS) that will recognize and record vehicle license plates, allowing you to single out any vehicle that has been entered into a data base for further inspection. The new Alnet (PRS) product will be the next solution, for Vehicle checkpoints, Corporate parking garages, Airports, Border crossing, Gas stations, Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Law Enforcement Agencies, etc. The second new security product from Alnet will be the Biometric system (BMS) which will capture people's faces and identify them. The (BMS) system will allow fast and effective identification of a wanted person at a Train Station, Airports, Banks, Sporting Events, Schools, Hospitals, Drug Stores, Military bases, Day Care Centers, Law Enforcement Agencies, or any other places where camera surveillance is performed. Hereby, Alnet Systems declares that all materials published on this website could be used by third parties for marketing or advertising.
4400 North Federal Hwy., Ste. 409Boca Raton, Florida, 33431United States
(561) 620-2633
$10.7 Million

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