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Mi-Token Inc
Software & Technical Consulting
Mi-Token was originally developed in 2005 by cryptographic and bank security specialists, designed specifically for two-factor authentication within the banking industry. The product was originally designed to provide a simplified user experience, while leveraging banking grade security. Since 2009, Mi-Token has established itself as a leading independent enterprise security solution and currently has customers across the globe, including leading banks, governments and corporate enterprises. The solution has evolved from a banking and VPN centric product to a comprehensive SSO solution, which is SAML compliant and ADFS friendly. Based in the US and Australia, Mi-Token is focused on creating innovative solutions that deliver world's-best two-factor authentication security. For more information please contact us: Contact Mi-Token
13785 Research Blvd, Ste 125Austin, Texas, 78750United States
(512) 900-3026
$30.4 Million

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