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Designed by top developers, Vuukle gives your users a voice by creating a friendly, fast-loading environment that encourages organic interactions offering visitors a totally new way to engage. Every aspect of the Vuukle toolkit and dashboard were built for owners and users alike. Our advanced set of tools are easily integrated and fully customizable on any site. Thousands of owners and operators using our best-practices setup generate more valuable sessions daily and have access to truly actionable insights based on your visitor submitted feedback rather than traditional data derived interpretations. For owners trying to improve on LTV, our toolkit provides a new funnel for email generation, full data access & control, and an additional revenue stream via our Vuukle ad unit. A unit designed specifically not to take attention away from content or compete/replace existing units. Vuukle is an audience engagement platform which amplifies basic user comments and other attention data (shares, likes) into experiences showing heat and interest in content and increases user interest, attention and interaction. Coupled with AI-powered spam management (toxicity filter) and smart real-time analytics dashboards, the platform is poised to amplify traffic and revenue for publishers at a most critically-needed time.
New Delhi, NCT, India
$3.9 Million

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