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With functionality for applicant sourcing and tracking, resume parsing, video interviews and more, Breezy HR is a suitable recruiting platform for small and midsize businesses around the world. The system is Web-based and features a dedicated app for iOS devices so recruiters can use the platform on-the-go.

TOP COMPETITORS OF Breezy HR IN Datanyze Universe

Top CompetitorsWebsitesMarket ShareVersus Page
Oracle Taleo Cloud Service1815.91%Breezy HR vs. Oracle Taleo Cloud Service
iCIMS1504.90%Breezy HR vs. iCIMS
ClearCompany1504.90%Breezy HR vs. ClearCompany
Workable1264.11%Breezy HR vs. Workable
Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service1173.82%Breezy HR vs. Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service
Zoho Recruit1113.62%Breezy HR vs. Zoho Recruit
Greenhouse1093.56%Breezy HR vs. Greenhouse
Workday Recruiting973.17%Breezy HR vs. Workday Recruiting
NEOGOV Insight792.58%Breezy HR vs. NEOGOV Insight
JazzHR762.48%Breezy HR vs. JazzHR
Lever692.25%Breezy HR vs. Lever
Bullhorn682.22%Breezy HR vs. Bullhorn
SmartRecruiters682.22%Breezy HR vs. SmartRecruiters
Carerix622.02%Breezy HR vs. Carerix
Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service551.80%Breezy HR vs. Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service
Applicant Pro541.76%Breezy HR vs. Applicant Pro
CATS531.73%Breezy HR vs. CATS
Jobvite471.53%Breezy HR vs. Jobvite
Tenstreet471.53%Breezy HR vs. Tenstreet
OTYS461.50%Breezy HR vs. OTYS
myStaffingPro421.37%Breezy HR vs. myStaffingPro
Recruiterbox401.31%Breezy HR vs. Recruiterbox
softgarden401.31%Breezy HR vs. softgarden
Umantis Applicant Management381.24%Breezy HR vs. Umantis Applicant Management
Recruitee331.08%Breezy HR vs. Recruitee
Cornerstone Recruiting331.08%Breezy HR vs. Cornerstone Recruiting
Lumesse Recruit321.04%Breezy HR vs. Lumesse Recruit
ApplicantStack321.04%Breezy HR vs. ApplicantStack
CareerPlug311.01%Breezy HR vs. CareerPlug
ReachMee311.01%Breezy HR vs. ReachMee
Betterteam300.98%Breezy HR vs. Betterteam
TalentEd290.95%Breezy HR vs. TalentEd
IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud290.95%Breezy HR vs. IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud
AngelList Track280.91%Breezy HR vs. AngelList Track
JobAdder270.88%Breezy HR vs. JobAdder
JobDiva270.88%Breezy HR vs. JobDiva
Talentsoft Recruiting250.82%Breezy HR vs. Talentsoft Recruiting
PCRecruiter230.75%Breezy HR vs. PCRecruiter
Google Hire210.69%Breezy HR vs. Google Hire
Prescreen210.69%Breezy HR vs. Prescreen
Crelate190.62%Breezy HR vs. Crelate
Frontline Recruiting & Hiring190.62%Breezy HR vs. Frontline Recruiting & Hiring
GetHired170.55%Breezy HR vs. GetHired
Monster Talent Management170.55%Breezy HR vs. Monster Talent Management
LinkedIn Recruiter170.55%Breezy HR vs. LinkedIn Recruiter
Hyrell160.52%Breezy HR vs. Hyrell
Hireology160.52%Breezy HR vs. Hireology
Harri150.49%Breezy HR vs. Harri
Newton140.46%Breezy HR vs. Newton
ApplicantPool130.42%Breezy HR vs. ApplicantPool
Top Echelon Big Biller130.42%Breezy HR vs. Top Echelon Big Biller
HiringThing130.42%Breezy HR vs. HiringThing
Jobscore120.39%Breezy HR vs. Jobscore
Prevue APS Pro120.39%Breezy HR vs. Prevue APS Pro
Vincere120.39%Breezy HR vs. Vincere
ADP Recruiting Management110.36%Breezy HR vs. ADP Recruiting Management
Avature100.33%Breezy HR vs. Avature
TempWorks100.33%Breezy HR vs. TempWorks
ATS OnDemand90.29%Breezy HR vs. ATS OnDemand
Avionte90.29%Breezy HR vs. Avionte
Jobsoid90.29%Breezy HR vs. Jobsoid
kenoby90.29%Breezy HR vs. kenoby
BrightMove80.26%Breezy HR vs. BrightMove
Emply70.23%Breezy HR vs. Emply
Jobtrain70.23%Breezy HR vs. Jobtrain
iApplicants70.23%Breezy HR vs. iApplicants
talentReef60.20%Breezy HR vs. talentReef
Sendouts60.20%Breezy HR vs. Sendouts
Broadbean60.20%Breezy HR vs. Broadbean
HRMOS recruitment management60.20%Breezy HR vs. HRMOS recruitment management
SONAR60.20%Breezy HR vs. SONAR
Peoplefluent Recruiting50.16%Breezy HR vs. Peoplefluent Recruiting
SmartSearch50.16%Breezy HR vs. SmartSearch
HireCentric50.16%Breezy HR vs. HireCentric
Symplicity CSM50.16%Breezy HR vs. Symplicity CSM
Connexys50.16%Breezy HR vs. Connexys
Job Suite50.16%Breezy HR vs. Job Suite
TalentNest50.16%Breezy HR vs. TalentNest
HireBridge40.13%Breezy HR vs. HireBridge
SearchSoft Solutions40.13%Breezy HR vs. SearchSoft Solutions
SnapHire40.13%Breezy HR vs. SnapHire
MyRecruitmentPlus40.13%Breezy HR vs. MyRecruitmentPlus
Workpop40.13%Breezy HR vs. Workpop
Exelare40.13%Breezy HR vs. Exelare
iSmartRecruit40.13%Breezy HR vs. iSmartRecruit
Reclog40.13%Breezy HR vs. Reclog
Jobcan Saiyo Kanri40.13%Breezy HR vs. Jobcan Saiyo Kanri
CoreRecruit40.13%Breezy HR vs. CoreRecruit
Recruiterflow40.13%Breezy HR vs. Recruiterflow
FirstChoice Hiring40.13%Breezy HR vs. FirstChoice Hiring
d.vinci Applicant Tracking System40.13%Breezy HR vs. d.vinci Applicant Tracking System
The Applicant Manager30.10%Breezy HR vs. The Applicant Manager
aCloud Recruitment30.10%Breezy HR vs. aCloud Recruitment
Talent Clue30.10%Breezy HR vs. Talent Clue
Eploy30.10%Breezy HR vs. Eploy
CareerArc30.10%Breezy HR vs. CareerArc
Amris30.10%Breezy HR vs. Amris
Oleeo30.10%Breezy HR vs. Oleeo
FastTrack36030.10%Breezy HR vs. FastTrack360
ABD Ultra-Staff30.10%Breezy HR vs. ABD Ultra-Staff
CV Manager30.10%Breezy HR vs. CV Manager
SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting30.10%Breezy HR vs. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
Alongside30.10%Breezy HR vs. Alongside
CVWarehouse30.10%Breezy HR vs. CVWarehouse
HireTouch30.10%Breezy HR vs. HireTouch
HITO Manager30.10%Breezy HR vs. HITO Manager
Cycle30.10%Breezy HR vs. Cycle
QuickApp30.10%Breezy HR vs. QuickApp
Fountain30.10%Breezy HR vs. Fountain
GJ Communicator30.10%Breezy HR vs. GJ Communicator
Kwantek20.07%Breezy HR vs. Kwantek
Talentstream Recruit20.07%Breezy HR vs. Talentstream Recruit
TrackerRMS20.07%Breezy HR vs. TrackerRMS
AcquireTM20.07%Breezy HR vs. AcquireTM
JobScience20.07%Breezy HR vs. JobScience
MaxHire20.07%Breezy HR vs. MaxHire
Erecruit Adapt20.07%Breezy HR vs. Erecruit Adapt
networx20.07%Breezy HR vs. networx
Logic Melon20.07%Breezy HR vs. Logic Melon
Candidate Manager20.07%Breezy HR vs. Candidate Manager
itris20.07%Breezy HR vs. itris
Advorto20.07%Breezy HR vs. Advorto
Recruitive20.07%Breezy HR vs. Recruitive
Scout Talent Recruit20.07%Breezy HR vs. Scout Talent Recruit
Darwin 1Click20.07%Breezy HR vs. Darwin 1Click
Comeet20.07%Breezy HR vs. Comeet
Pereless Systems20.07%Breezy HR vs. Pereless Systems
Cegid Talent Acquisition20.07%Breezy HR vs. Cegid Talent Acquisition
Ceipal TalentHire20.07%Breezy HR vs. Ceipal TalentHire
TurboRecruit20.07%Breezy HR vs. TurboRecruit
Talentsquare20.07%Breezy HR vs. Talentsquare
CVMinder20.07%Breezy HR vs. CVMinder
Talentio20.07%Breezy HR vs. Talentio
i-web20.07%Breezy HR vs. i-web
EHR ATS20.07%Breezy HR vs. EHR ATS
bizpla recruitment management20.07%Breezy HR vs. bizpla recruitment management
Gupy20.07%Breezy HR vs. Gupy
Handshake20.07%Breezy HR vs. Handshake
COMPAS10.03%Breezy HR vs. COMPAS
AkkenCloud10.03%Breezy HR vs. AkkenCloud
WinOcular Symphony10.03%Breezy HR vs. WinOcular Symphony
Mindscope10.03%Breezy HR vs. Mindscope
Jibe10.03%Breezy HR vs. Jibe
EasyWeb ATS10.03%Breezy HR vs. EasyWeb ATS
Talent Propeller10.03%Breezy HR vs. Talent Propeller
Resourcing Pod10.03%Breezy HR vs. Resourcing Pod
iRecruit10.03%Breezy HR vs. iRecruit
Hodes iQ10.03%Breezy HR vs. Hodes iQ
PeopleBank10.03%Breezy HR vs. PeopleBank
Njoyn10.03%Breezy HR vs. Njoyn
Clockwork10.03%Breezy HR vs. Clockwork
Vacancy Filler10.03%Breezy HR vs. Vacancy Filler
eArcu10.03%Breezy HR vs. eArcu
Connectifier10.03%Breezy HR vs. Connectifier
Entelo10.03%Breezy HR vs. Entelo
BigRedSky10.03%Breezy HR vs. BigRedSky
Chameleon-i10.03%Breezy HR vs. Chameleon-i
ServiceDott10.03%Breezy HR vs. ServiceDott
HiringBoss10.03%Breezy HR vs. HiringBoss
Chilli Factor10.03%Breezy HR vs. Chilli Factor
Simplicant10.03%Breezy HR vs. Simplicant
Neptune10.03%Breezy HR vs. Neptune
TriSys10.03%Breezy HR vs. TriSys
Talentnow RecruitX10.03%Breezy HR vs. Talentnow RecruitX
StaffingSoft Recruiting Software10.03%Breezy HR vs. StaffingSoft Recruiting Software
Baitoru10.03%Breezy HR vs. Baitoru
ACCUUM10.03%Breezy HR vs. ACCUUM
A.E.L10.03%Breezy HR vs. A.E.L
Gr8 People10.03%Breezy HR vs. Gr8 People
Tempstaff10.03%Breezy HR vs. Tempstaff
Cornerstone Applicant Tracking System (ATS)10.03%Breezy HR vs. Cornerstone Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Delphi OASIS10.03%Breezy HR vs. Delphi OASIS
Greentree Systems Employment Management10.03%Breezy HR vs. Greentree Systems Employment Management
LAURA10.03%Breezy HR vs. LAURA
myTalentLink-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. myTalentLink
Ascendify-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Ascendify
Erecruit-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Erecruit
Gild-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Gild
HR Logix-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. HR Logix
ResumeWare-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. ResumeWare
Jobalign-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Jobalign
HireWire-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. HireWire
TARGETrecruit-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. TARGETrecruit
TribePad-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. TribePad
Stonefish-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Stonefish
BlueOctopus-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. BlueOctopus
VidCruiter-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. VidCruiter
mypeoplebiz-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. mypeoplebiz
Smoothhiring-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Smoothhiring
Cluen-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Cluen
Digi-Me-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Digi-Me
Webrecruit-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Webrecruit
Hireserve-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Hireserve
Engage ATS-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Engage ATS
CTC People-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. CTC People
Talentsoft Hello Talent-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Talentsoft Hello Talent
Talent2-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Talent2
AllHires-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. AllHires
Profiles Talent Management System-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Profiles Talent Management System
TruckRight-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. TruckRight
ApplicantCare-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. ApplicantCare
HireHive-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. HireHive
Fitzii-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Fitzii
TargetRecruit-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. TargetRecruit
CleverStaff-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. CleverStaff
MightyRecruiter-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. MightyRecruiter
Talentera-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Talentera
Mercury eRecruit-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Mercury eRecruit
HARBOUR ATS (subdomains only)-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. HARBOUR ATS (subdomains only)
Applicant Starter-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Applicant Starter
HireMojo-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. HireMojo
InHiro-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. InHiro
e2R-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. e2R
Recop-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Recop
TalentCloud-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. TalentCloud
LePMOS-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. LePMOS
MatchinGood-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. MatchinGood
Cyber Recruiter-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Cyber Recruiter
VCG-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. VCG
IntraWorlds-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. IntraWorlds
OfferBox-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. OfferBox
Jobop Saiyou Kanri-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Jobop Saiyou Kanri
Efficient Hire-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Efficient Hire
AgileHR ATS-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. AgileHR ATS
RecruitBPM-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. RecruitBPM
360social-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. 360social
Amris Applicant Tracking & Recruiting-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Amris Applicant Tracking & Recruiting
Applicant2Hire-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Applicant2Hire
ApplicantONE-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. ApplicantONE
AppliTrack-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. AppliTrack<0.01%Breezy HR vs.
Bullhorn ATS-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Bullhorn ATS
CareSource Position Manager-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. CareSource Position Manager
DiscoverLink-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. DiscoverLink
ExactHire-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. ExactHire
Fast Recruiting-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Fast Recruiting
Front Rush Recruiting Software-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Front Rush Recruiting Software
Haemonetics Hemasphere-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Haemonetics Hemasphere
HealthcareSource Position Manager-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. HealthcareSource Position Manager
Homerun-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Homerun
IBM Kenexa Applicant Tracking System-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. IBM Kenexa Applicant Tracking System
IntelliHire-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. IntelliHire
JobFlash Voice Recruiting-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. JobFlash Voice Recruiting
Luceo Solutions-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Luceo Solutions
Micron CE Manager-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Micron CE Manager
Micron Systems-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Micron Systems
Micron Systems LawCruit-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Micron Systems LawCruit
Navicus-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Navicus
Nikkei HR-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Nikkei HR
North Star ATS-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. North Star ATS
NovusHR-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. NovusHR
nowHIRE-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. nowHIRE
Open Systems Inc-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Open Systems Inc
Optimize ATS-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Optimize ATS
Oracle iRecruitment-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Oracle iRecruitment
Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Candidate Gateway-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Candidate Gateway
Oracle Taleo Analytics-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Oracle Taleo Analytics
Paycor Onboarding-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Paycor Onboarding
Redmatch Flexible Online Recruitment-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Redmatch Flexible Online Recruitment<0.01%Breezy HR vs.
SpeediARMS-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. SpeediARMS
TalentRecruit-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. TalentRecruit
TalentWall-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. TalentWall
Trac Systems-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Trac Systems
Varbi (MyNetwork)-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Varbi (MyNetwork)
Workbuster-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Workbuster
Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps
Recruiteze-<0.01%Breezy HR vs. Recruiteze


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