Datanyze Insider

Used by 40,000+ sales professionals, Datanyze Insider is the most efficient way to research accounts, build highly targeted prospect lists and export contacts where they need to go in a fraction of the time.

Research and qualify accounts

Clicking the Insider icon will instantly reveal valuable high-level information about the website you're browsing and the company that powers it. See data points like revenue, employees and current technology providers or visit the company's social pages right from the window.

datanyze prospect lists

Build prospect lists

The Insider list builder window allows you to add new contacts to Salesforce or a Datanyze list in one click.

Uncover email addresses

Once added to list, Datanyze will automatically pull in your contact's social and lead information, then run a search to uncover their email address.

Export contacts for engagment

Export contacts to a CRM, spreadsheet or preferred sales automation tool to quickly enroll them in a targeted outbound campaign.

Get ahead of the game

Try the FREE Insider extension for Chrome and start building your pipeline now


You will need one credit to successfully find an email address, access a company's social page, or export a person or company to a Prospect List in Datanyze or Salesforce. You can always get more credits by referring your friends.