Can't find the technology you are looking for? Leave a request and we'll start tracking it for you
Can't find the technology you are looking for? Leave a request and we'll start tracking it for you


Frequently asked questions about Datanyze and our solutions

What does Datanyze do?

Datanyze empowers modern sales and marketing professionals to make smarter data-driven decisions. Datanyze continuously analyzes millions of data points across the web to determine technology usage and other buying signals. Our core solutions are technographics and enrichment. To hear from our customers, check out our case studies.

What is “technographic” data?

Technographic data is a set of information about a company’s technology usage, including the technologies they’re using today, the technologies they’ve added and dropped in the past, and the technologies they are likely to use in the future (like yours!).

Where does Datanyze get its data and how often is it updated?

We divide our data into two main buckets: technographics and firmographics. Our technographic data -- information on the technologies being used by millions of companies -- is collected entirely in-house and updated daily. Our firmographic data -- company-level information like revenue and location -- is updated regularly and collected both in-house and using third party vendors like CrunchBase.

How much does Datanyze cost?

The bulk of our pricing is based on which technologies you need data for. There is also a nominal cost for user licenses and per record enriched through one of our integrations or our API. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Does Datanyze offer a free trial?

Yes! You can install our Chrome Extension to get a quick snapshot of what we do. This will not provide access to every solution, but should serve as a nice introduction into our technographic data.

How can I see a live demo?

We’re happy to take you through our solutions. Simply fill out this form and someone from Datanyze will be in touch shortly!