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Frequently asked questions about Datanyze and our solutions

What does Datanyze do?

Datanyze provides sales acceleration software for companies looking to build pipeline. Our mission is to take the legwork and guesswork out of sales, so reps can put their best foot forward in every conversation. Our core solutions are technology tracking, prospecting, data enrichment, and predictive analytics. To hear from our customers, check out our case studies.

Does Datanyze offer a free trial?

Yes! You can install our Chrome Extension to get a quick snapshot of what we do. This will not provide access to every solution, but should serve as a nice introduction into how everything works.

How much does Datanyze cost?

There is no fixed price for Datanyze. We’ve found that customers vary tremendously in both depth and scope of project, so creating a cookie-cutter pricing model won’t do the trick. Our goal is to create a customized solution for each use case that delivers clear value and stays within budget. Contact us to receive a quote today!

What is “technology tracking”?

Technology tracking is our way of defining the data we collect on technology providers and the websites and/or mobile apps that use them. Most technologies leave behind a footprint that helps us identify it from other code snippets. For example, if you view the HTML code for any WordPress site, you will find something like:

< meta name="generator" content="WordPress..." />

By finding and cataloging these footprints each day, Datanyze can tell you not only which technologies a prospect is using, but when these technologies were added or dropped.

Where does Datanyze get its data and how often is it updated?

We divide our data into three main buckets: technology, company and contact. Our technology data (information on the web and mobile tech stacks of 40+ million companies) is collected entirely in-house and updated every day. For more information on how this is collected, see “What is the technology tracking?”. Our company and contact data is updated weekly and collected both in-house and using third party vendors like CrunchBase. Email addresses are verified through a proprietary algorithm in addition to third party APIs.

How can I see a demo?

We’re happy to take you through our solutions. Simply fill out this form and someone from Datanyze will be in touch shortly!