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The Fastest-Growing Sales Community

Datanyze Exchange is a free online community for sales reps to contribute and share business contacts. By adding your contacts to the communal pool, you'll game access to the fastest growing database of contacts in the world.

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Millions of Contacts

Joining the community gives you access to millions of business contacts, complete with email address and phone number. Search by title or company to find your next targets

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Secure Information Exchange

Datanyze uses the secure Open Authentication protocol to power to exchange. We do not read your emails, and we will never email your contacts. For more information, read our terms of service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exchange

Datanyze Exchange needs access to contacts and emails in order to function.

We are looking for email addresses and other information both in your contacts and emails.


Yes, you can do so through Google by following these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Under 'Sign-in & security' tab click 'Connected apps & sites'
  3. Under the section 'Apps connected to your account', click on MANAGE APPS:
  4. Select app you want & click REMOVE button

Yes, you can remove yourself by filling out our opt-out form.

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