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Can't find the technology you are looking for? Leave a request and we'll start tracking it for you


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Over the years we in the "Tomorrow" created several ideologies, several powerful trends that have entered and continue to enter into the public consciousness. We have alerted the great fraternization and reconciliation "red" and "white", statesmen red and white empires, which should stop the age-old enmity in the face of severe adversity. We wrote historiosophy imperial Russia, explaining the Russian time, as a series of successive empires, pop-up every time after the next flood. Interpreted Russian history as a triumph paskhalnoyliturgii, the mystery of the resurrection, when the Russian mystic repeats the fate of Christ. We have presented the ideology of Russian weapons - whether sword Aleksandra Nevskogo or T-90 tank. That weapon, which protects not only our space, our pockets and palaces, but the age-old Russian dream of a righteous world of heavenly gardens, the divine sense of the drawings, which are building the ark of Russian statehood. We proclaimed the concept of "mystical Stalinism", where Stalin is in the twentieth century as a powerful creative myth, creating the Russian State. We preach the Russian miracle - the mysterious beginning, unknown to historians, which manages the Russian time, remove Russia from the bottomless perdition. Contrary to the laws of history it happens every time when there is no hope for deliverance. And in the darkness suddenly begins to glow saving lamp, and this icon lamp that lights up in the hands of Russian angel, people coming out of the abyss and once again wins a great victory, building a wonderful temples, writes wonderful books. We announced the Russian Victory: unavoidable, indestructible, which has already won in the future and, like a diamond star - shines, sparkles among today's twilight, controlling the actions of the leaders, statesmen, patriots, plunging into confusion of our enemies. Not in vain we called his brothers to be patient, rescued from discouragement, healed of their spiritual wounds, were not afraid to go into pesthouse, funeral service at the altar each of the fallen heroes, were sent to the spiritual warfare of every Russian soldier. The darkness recedes. More flying owl, still draws the night sky wing of a bat. But in the east - gold and red stripes. Russian rise is inevitable.

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