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Launched in Dec 2006, has revolutionized P2P messaging across the world and has evolved as the largest personal Messaging community world wide with users from across 130 countries. Way2SMS helps users from across the world to send SMS to any mobile in India. Sending messages from Way2SMS is Free , easier, and personal; above all messages are delivered in just few seconds.Every day, millions of SMSes are being sent via Way2SMS. The numbers are growing rapidly. These numbers tells the story of how we’ve grown over the past 4 years in terms of number of SMS delivered per day. Users were sending over 0.6 million SMSes per day in 2008. By 2009 that number was 2.5 million SMS per day, and by 2010 it has grown to 7.5 million per day. Today we are touching 15 million SMS per day. That’s an average of 500 throughput per second during the day hours.We consider every message as highly time critical, So, we have tailored our platform to deliver every single message in less than 10 seconds time. Our Robust and highly scalable infrastructure can deliver over 2000 messages per second. Our top quality delivery coupled with exceptional delivery speed has made way2sms highly popular among the internet users. According to Juxt Consult’s ‘India online 2011’ research, 54% of the total indian netizens are engaged in ‘PC to Mobile messaging’ activity and way2sms has nearly 80% market share in the segment. Today Way2SMS has close to 40 million registered users, and this is growing at the rate of 20000 new users every day. Currently,way2sms is managing over 500 million contacts in its database. With Way2SMS, We are not only saving money to millions of way2sms users, We are excited that we are helping over 1800 non profit organizations to communicate to their volunteers. We See Our service helping Hospitals, Schools, Police departments, Revenue divisions, agricultural departments and other government bodies across various states in india. The fact that we were largely been adopted by the society for many good reasons is inspiring and rewarding. Some of our key performance indicators ● way2sms is the 8th fastest raising search keyword according to google India zeitgeist 2010 competing with biggies such as facebook and twitter ● Roughly 20000 new members join way2sms every day, that is more than thousand every hour ● Way2SMS has the largest database of mobile contacts with over 500 million contacts, and is reaching over 30 million mobiles every month. ● Way2SMS is generating nearly 400 million page views every month Way2SMS has delivered over 12 billion messages till today.

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