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The University of Mannheim is well known for its distinct profile, its business orientation and its international approach. Various rankings, awards and evaluations indicate the quality of its research and teaching: they classify the University of Mannheim as one of the best universities in Germany. Moreover, the University is part of the national "Excellence Initiative", which funds the Mannheim Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS). The University's trademark is its distinct profile. It is characterized by Mannheim's renowned Economic and Social Sciences being closely intertwined with Humanities, Law, Mathematics and Computer Sciences. Its schools and research institutes cooperate with numerous international partners. Institutes and projects like the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research and a number of collaborative research centers underline the University's reputation as one of the Top 20 institutions in Economic and Social Sciences in Europe. The University of Mannheim is committed to lifelong learning, and the Mannheim Business School (MBS) is its prime example. The MBS is one of the leading institutions of its kind in Europe, as attested by both national and international rankings. With its distinct MBA programmes, the MBS is ranked among the Top 25 institutions worldwide. In general, the University of Mannheim offers a wide range of academic programs and allows students to complete Bachelor and Master Degrees as well as State Examination. Internationally renowned doctoral programs are offered by the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences and the Graduate Program "Formations of the Global". A typical characteristic of the University of Mannheim is the high level of commitment shown by its researchers, students and employees. The University is committed to educating responsible leaders. Hence, business ethics, corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship are among the core elements of teaching and research. Several members of the academic staff are advisors to the government and companies and pass on their knowledge to national and international committees. The University of Mannheim provides one of the most differentiated scholarship systems of all public universities in Germany. It is based on the University's close cooperation with companies, alumni and foundations and it comprises several programmes: the Deutschland Scholarship, the Mannheim Scholarship, the Mannheim Sports Scholarship, and the Mannheim Votum Scholarship. With the unique project "Renaissance of the Baroque Palace" the University of Mannheim and its partners were able to renovate the university library and 24 lecture halls, and to equip them with modern technology. This project is funded by companies, foundations, and private sponsors. Recently, the University of Mannheim has been elected the most beautiful campus of Germany. It is mainly located in Mannheim Palace - the largest baroque palace in Germany. The lecture halls are in close reach of the city center, which is aligned symmetrically to the Palace. About 3,000 employees and 12,000 students currently enjoy the privileges of this unique setting and its atmosphere.

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