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Can't find the technology you are looking for? Leave a request and we'll start tracking it for you


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Technology reviews, editorials, and user generated content augmented with a social network and sub-blogs. TechnoBuffalo was created to be the ultimate website for tech enthusiasts. To accomplish that we’ve built an immersive environment composed of three segments: original content, social networking, and a blogging platform. The content on the main site is created by a team of professional writers that are self-proclaimed tech-enthusiasts. Articles will cover a breadth of technology-related issues and topics. In order to breathe life into our content, we will be making frequent use of video to supplement our text content. Posts on TechnoBuffalo will not be simple rehashes of news found on other sites. Each article will provide value to the reader through editorial commentary, descriptive ‘how-to’ guides, and product immersive video. Tech-heads like to compare notes and share opinions on the latest and greatest gadgets, so we built our own social network. BuffaloNet allows our users to create and manage their own profiles, show off their gear, and interact with other users through our built in instant messaging client, profile comments, or integrated email. We are not aiming to replace any of the larger social networks, in fact, BuffaloNet will compliment them. BuffaloNet offers the anonymity to meet new people and discuss technology, without revealing personal information found on traditional social networks. At its core, TechnoBuffalo is about experiencing technology, which includes sharing views and opinions with others. Because we want to give the community a voice and encourage others to become tech reviewers, TechnoBuffalo gives users the option to create their own technology blog with a custom URL ( complete with full WordPress content management. Users can add writers, and customize the layout of their tech blogs. In addition, we give users the ability to utilize the top advertising space so that they are rewarded monetarily for creating great content and driving traffic. To encourage users to use their sub blogs, we offer a library of training videos that teach them how to effectively run a tech blog. Videos include tutorials on how to find items to review, how to act confident in front of a camera, and more. Finally, we will feature noteworthy content from the user blogs on the front page of TechnoBuffalo, granting our most active users some well-deserved exposure. While we encourage our audience to utilize our sub blog system for technology related content, they are free to use the space for anything they choose. The only restriction is that be appropriate for all ages. The Business Model TechnoBuffalo is monetized through advertising partnerships. Our site features well-integrated ad locations that provide value for companies seeking to engage our readership of tech-savvy individuals. Because the site is producing a high volume of video content, we also offer video sponsorship opportunities.

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