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Shenzhen Hotline ( was founded in November 1997, is the first set of China's telecommunications industry, Shenzhen, the largest local, the first comprehensive portal. With a keen strategic development vision, the Shenzhen hotline has always been synchronized with the Internet age, quickly get the attention of all parties, laid the status of China's Internet pioneer. January 1999, the Shenzhen hotline won the CNNIC (China Internet Information Center) "98 years of China's Internet top ten website" award, "computer" "98 years most noteworthy website" title; the same year in June, in the "China Network Citizen Survey "(organized by Australia WWW.consult) was named" Top Ten Chinese Website in 1999 ". After nearly 10 years of development, the Shenzhen hotline has become a well-deserved local website brand in Shenzhen. All along, the Shenzhen hotline with its high quality service and leading technology, welcomed by the majority of Internet users and praise. Shenzhen hotline as a local integrated portal, covering Shenzhen and Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta 30 million people, radiation around the southeast coastal area of ​​100 million people, affecting 300 million Internet users at home and abroad to serve the Pearl River Delta, especially in Shenzhen users as their responsibility, and strive to build the most Influential network of new media. For the region to provide online media and value-added information services; site to practical and entertainment content as the main line, supplemented by interactive community content, and to provide consumers with a wide range of e-mail service. In order to comply with the vigorous development of the Internet industry, Shenzhen hotline good governance, in 2008 to conduct a comprehensive business adjustment and complete the new revision of the site. In the people into the lives of people, reported people Pepsi, to show people the purpose of the people, the Shenzhen hotline continue to localize intensive farming, mining urban resources, docking the public life, to the vast number of Internet users to provide the most practical information, the most entertaining news and the most Interactive Shenzhen network community. Focus on news topics, popular entertainment information, efficient interactive community, massive practical information, concise and lively interface, scientific and reasonable classification, free interactive platform, so that friends and friends in the busy work or learning, easy access to accurate and effective Information, feel the era of network information to bring the efficient and convenient, experience the fun of the Internet!

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