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Serato creates world leading audio software for professional DJs and musicians. Serato is based in New Zealand and has partnerships with many highly regarded hardware, software, and record industry companies worldwide. Serato went to the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) convention in Anaheim, Los Angeles in 2002 to show off their new Scratch Studio Edition system. Their booth was in the basement where all the small companies start. Los Angeles had long been a center for DJ culture and turntablism. So once word spread about this new digital DJing system the best of the best rolled through to try it out. And the best were blown away by the feel and response. DJs traditionally played off vinyl records which were heavy to travel with and expensive to manufacture and buy. The early 2000s saw the invention of the CDJ which let DJs play CDs instead of vinyl. But DJs couldn't manipulate a CD in the same way they could a vinyl record. CDJ's were a great innovation but still not the best solution for DJs who wanted to balance their love of vinyl culture with their need for practicality on an international tour. Scratch Studio Edition made a huge impact but it wasn't practical for live DJs - they couldn't take their Pro-Tools rigs on stage with them. Steve and AJ knew they had a way to move with the current trend in evolving DJ technology whilst preserving the traditions of vinyl DJing. It involved making new standalone hardware to work with software based on the work they had done with Scratch Studio Edition. After a long design process Serato made the first "black box" in New Zealand for a portable digital DJ system. A beta tester that came to NAMM show one year to demo this new system took one look at the mis-behaving DJ mixer on the Serato booth and promptly headed off to the Rane booth to borrow one of their high end DJ mixers for the demo. From this, Serato met Rane and talked DJing. At the time Rane had a firm foot in the DJ hardware market with their successful mixers, the Empath and TTM 56. The two companies discovered that they shared some core values as well, including their dedication to high quality products and exceptional customer service. Realizing that manufacturing hardware in New Zealand was unrealistic, Serato and Rane entered into negotiations to become partners in bringing Serato's ground breaking vinyl emulation technology to market. Rane had invaluable experience making high quality hardware that sounded incredible and Serato had a window into the future of DJing. A couple of months later contracts were signed and Serato Scratch Live, the ultimate solution for professional DJs, was released in 2004. By connecting a piece of Rane hardware to an existing DJ setup, DJs can access and perform with their entire digital music collection using specially designed control records, control CDs or their MIDI controller of choice.

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