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SEMrush is a competitive research and business intelligence software that provides data on competitors’ and industry leaders’ online marketing activities. SEMrush reports and tools are built on estimations by comparing domains and their keywords on a national, regional or local level. Estimations are based on the first 20 Google (and Bing U.S.) search results because this is what drives over 99% of search engine traffic to websites. SEMrush has an immense amount of Google and Bing SERP data, including: AdWords ad copies and positions, organic positions for domains and landing page URLs, keyword search volumes, CPC, competition, result counts, and so much more: 100,000,000+ keywords; 90,000,000+ domains; 95 billion backlinks; 26 databases for different countries. Description of SEMrush features Organic Research The Organic Research Report offers analytics data on keywords that bring users to a website via Google's top 20 organic results. For every keyword, you can find useful information such as a domain’s or page’s position in Google’s (and Bing U.S.’s) search results, Search Volume, CPC, URL of a landing page and how it’s displayed in the search results, Competition and Trend, etc. For domains, it is easy to identify organic competitors and their most valuable keywords, conduct keyword gap analysis and more. Keyword Research The Keyword Research feature helps you discover profitable keywords or spot seasonal or trendy ones to generate more organic or paid traffic to your website. You can enter a keyword in the search bar and get extended information on its value for research. For every keyword that is present in our databases, you will get useful information such as CPC, Database CPC Distribution, Volume, Competition of advertisers, number of results, Trend, Ads for this keyword and Ads History. Advertising Research The Advertising Research section has the same data as Organic Research, but in regards to AdWords: Ads Keywords Report, Ads Keywords Graph, Competitors in Ads Report and Position Changes Report, Ad block positions and ad texts, etc. Display Advertising (AdSense) The AdSense Report shows competitors’ and your website’s publishers and advertisers, proportion of Text Ads and Media Ads, and promoted landing pages. You will also find the date when SEMrush first and last saw the ads. The AdSense Trend Graph shows the ratio of publishers to advertisers for a domain and the number of their AdSense Ads. As statistics can change depending on the device, you can also view results for PC, Apple Smartphone, Apple Tablet, Android Smartphone and Android Tablet. Backlinks When you enter a domain name or a URL, you will get the Backlinks Dashboard providing the following data: the number of links pointing to your website, domains referring to your website, nofollow and dofollow links, backlinks distribution by domain extensions (.com, .net, .org) and public domains (educational, governmental websites). The main Backlinks Report provides a complete list of backlinks and offers some useful information on them. This includes the URL and title of a linking webpage page, anchor text (if used), URL of the target webpage, whether the link is follow or nofollow, number of external and internal links of a linking webpage, and the dates when the backlink was crawled by SEMrush (first and most recent). Domain vs. Domain This is a tool that allows you to conduct a deep analysis of the organic and AdWords keywords of your competitors. To begin, enter the names of domains you’d like to compare (up to five domains) and choose the group of keywords you’d like to compare (common keywords, unique keywords, all keywords, unique to first domain keywords). The report displays each domain’s position for the keyword in Google. It also provides detailed statistics for each keyword including Volume, CPC, Competition Difficulty, Trend and the number of results in Google. Site Audit Tool The Site Audit Tool is a website health checker that detects issues related to crawlability, accessibility, content, semantics, internal links and coding. This tool is in beta and being improved, but it can already dramatically help in website optimization. To set up a campaign you need to enter a domain name, the number of webpages to be crawled (up to 100,000), schedule the day the audit will be run weekly, and then start it. Once the audit is finished, the Overview Report will provide the website’s issues divided into three groups depending on their severity. Ongoing management reports will indicate the number of issues that are new, or resolved. Position Tracking Tool Position Tracking Tool allows you to create campaigns for the daily tracking of positions in organic keywords or AdWords in the Google Top 100. To set up a campaign you will need to enter a root domain, subdomain or URL, precise geolocation, insert keywords you want to track, and competitive domains whose web visibility you'd like compare to yours. Very valuable for Local SEO, new and niche websites. Keyword Difficulty Tool SEMrush Keyword Difficulty Tool indicates a particular keyword’s percentage of difficulty, this tool helps to estimate how easy it would be to seize your competitors’ organic positions in the Google or Bing top 20.

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