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1969 The birth and essence of Quiksilver has been surfing. In 1969, Alan Green produced wetsuits with a $2500 loan from his father. Alan also launched a brand of sheepskin boots for surfers. 1973 In 1973, Quiksilver was born. Alan Green and John Law went into business so that they could make a living in Torquay, Victoria and go surfing. Quiksilver’s first product, and still its flagship, was the ‘boardshort’ – the essential surfing garment. Alan and John’s personal commitment to surfing ensured that they produced the best boardshorts available. 1975 The reputation of Quiksilver boardshorts quickly grew, and so did the demand. Soon Quiksilver was available all over Australia. All the top surfers throughout the 1970s wore Quiksilver boardshorts. Proof of the viability of Quiksilver's passionate approach can be found in its continued support of athletes, such as world professional surfing champion Kelly Slater, and women’s world professional surfing champion Lisa Andersen. 1976 The first licensing of Quiksilver was to the States in 1976. Legendary surfer Jeff Hakman left Torquay with a Bells trophy and an agreement to distribute Quiksilver in the States. Along with Bob McKnight, he established Quiksilver USA. 1984 Europe became a licensee of Quiksilver in 1984, and was followed by Brazil, Japan (1983), South Africa, Turkey and Asia. In 1986, Quiksilver USA was listed on the Stock Exchange and merged with Quiksilver Europe in 1990. Quiksilver licensees are able to adopt local style signatures and designs, with the parent company reserving the right to veto any product that falls below international standards. 1988 The success of Quiksilver in Australia and the USA is repeated in Japan and Europe – wherever there were waves and those willing to ride. 1990 ROXY has captured the imagination of a whole new generation of young women. Quiksilver launched ROXY in America in 1991, initially with a range of swimwear. In 1992 the swim line was followed by the introduction of sportswear, denim and snow wear. 1993 In 1993 the ROXY logo, two Quiksilver logos mirrored to form a heart shape, was born, along with the ROXY signature girl's boardshort. Inspired by the women's outrigger team and the women's surf team in Hawaii, ROXY became the answer for girls who were looking for a boardshort cut for them, that achieved the same levels of flexibility and fit that men’s shorts offered. 1995 Quiksilver revenues US$174 million 1998 Quiksilver revenues US$318 million 2000 Quiksilver revenues US$519 million 2002 Ug Manufacturing joins forces with Quiksilver Inc - We’re now one group, publicly listed on the NYSE, with combined revenues over $800 million! 2004 Quiksilver becomes a $1billion company. The acquisition of DC Shoes is completed – DC Shoes is already a leading brand in the footwear market and at the end of an awesome year, Quiksilver leads the way with the ‘Wave of Compassion’ – an aid charity established to assist the victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami. The Wave of Compassion works within the local communities by sending Doctors, Nurses and medical equipment to communities in need. 2005 Quiksilver acquires the Surfection retail chain further expanding its retail presence in the Australian market. 2009 to Today, Quiksilver offers a diverse line of products under its umbrella, including a complete clothing collection, accessories, eyewear, watches, sun care, footwear and wetsuits. The Winter Sports division is emerging with snowboarding apparel and hard goods designed for high performance enthusiasts. From it’s humble beginnings as a boardshort company, today Quiksilver is a global boardriding lifestyle company.

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