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PPTV is the largest leading online TV service in China offering featured television shows, sports, entertainments, news and other popular video contents. It is characterized for its live-streaming service and professional video production. Based on the online video cloud platform PPCLOUD, PPTV is accessible from a variety of systems including PC website ( and its client offer, mobile phones and PAD mobile devices, and Internet TV or set-up boxes provided by licensed carriers. PPTV offers the clients latest, timely, high-quality and interactive online media experiences. Known for its powerful technological advantages and excellent user experience, PPTV has more than 260 million users. It is also the leading live-streaming platform around the world that allows much more than 8 million users simultaneously watching the programs at low cost. In 2010, PPTV provided live streaming service for Happy Boys, a well-known national singing contest. The online+ground dual-live broadcast opened the floor for entertaining online TV. Furthermore, as the only official licensed live client software, PPTV broadcasted the 2010 South Africa World Cup and had over hundred millions co-current viewers, becoming the most popular online TV platform during live sporting events. In September 2010, PPTV live transmitted the Premier League as the exclusive technology supporting platform and web distribution platform. In May 2011, PPTV cooperated with Hunan Satellite TV and EE-Media, created the largest online interactive program in China “2011 Happy Girls Internet Reality Show”. PPTV presented the entire contest exclusively in 72 days, 1728 hours. Through the advantages of PPTV as Internet TV media and the influence of traditional TV, the event started a new trend in entertainment marketing and interactive live broadcasting. In early 2012, PPTV achieved strategic cooperation respectively with Wasu Digital TV Co. and Future TV Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of CNTV. Through developing new markets for Chinese Internet TV integrated device and set-up boxes, PPTV will lead the future change of digital media and family entertainment. The latest industry report shows that PPTV gains over 60% market share in the Internet video broadcast market, which becomes the most welcomed Internet TV media among the Chinese communities worldwide. In the future, PPTV will continue its joint promotion model integrating legitimate mainstream videos and live broadcast of major popular events, providing the global Internet TV users with a full-range and one-stop service, and promoting its brand value as Internet TV media into every sphere of Internet video. PPTV.Inc, invested by several internationally renowned venture capital funds, is the leading enterprise among the 5th generation of Internet new media, serving the Chinese and global Internet user communities with technology platforms for Internet TV. Synacast is always committed to the development, promotion, and application of new generation of video streaming and online video technology. It is the first Chinese Internet video enterprise that exports its patent technology, which have been applied widely by worldly renowned institutions (Harvard, MIT, Microsoft Research). With its independently developed patent streaming technology, Synacast is always the pioneer within the industry. Its global large-scale distributed video network has a computing efficiency 500 times higher than counterparts of its kind. Synacast is dedicated to build HD quality Internet TV and provides its users with online live or on-demand shows, HD movies, video searching and other cutting-edge Internet video technology.

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