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Manilla organizes and simplifies people’s lives by providing one secure access point to all household accounts and services. The free service helps consumers manage their household accounts, including financial accounts, utilities, healthcare, subscriptions, daily deals, and travel rewards programs, all through Manilla's Bill Share feature lets users securely collaborate with friends and family to manage bills or accounts. Consumers can also use all of the Manilla features on the go by using Manilla’s 4+ star customer-rated Android and iOS mobile apps. Under a single password, Manilla gives customers an automated, organized view of all of their account information, text and email reminders to pay bills, renew expiring subscriptions, and manage soon-to-expire daily deals, all with unlimited storage and seamless document retrieval. Manilla is on track to surpass 1 million users, securing the top spot in the digital mail organization category. The company has more than 3 million accounts and 4,000 businesses under management and expects growth of more than double by the end of 2013. Manilla and AOL are now partnered to simplify bill and account management, reaching millions of daily AOL users. Manilla's award-winning platform now powers AOL's new Bill Manager inside AOL Mail and Users can effortlessly manage bills in their AOL Mail inbox and on through Manilla for free. The new feature makes it even easier for AOL users to keep their bills and personal accounts organized while also streamlining the paperless process and storing bills and statements for free. Manilla is also partnered with Xero to provide small business owners with accurate bill reconciliation and financial clarity. Manilla is a company incubated within and backed by Hearst Corporation. Manilla is the recipient of the Webby Award and People’s Voice Award for Best Banking/Bill Pay Service and was chosen as ABC News “App of the Week,” as one of Money Magazine‘s “Top Money Apps” and as one of’s Top 100 Websites. For more information, please visit Businesses Win with Manilla: Manilla drives traffic and increases engagement to partner websites and mobile apps. New Manilla data shows that customers prefer Manilla as a doorway to company websites and mobile apps. Almost 50% of Manilla users report an increased satisfaction with a service provider since adding it to Manilla and nearly 40% reported that they visit their service providers' sites more frequently.

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