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Marco Polo Network ( was founded in December 2006 in Beijing Zhongguancun, B2B industry leader in brand positioning in the link business and services to build the world's leading B2B integrated services platform for the corporate mission. In June 2011, Marco Polo net reached 1200000, Alexa global rankings 831, the domestic ranking of 120; deducting industry information flow, Marco Polo network procurement traffic has more than HC, China's leading precision procurement search engine. In November 2011, Marco Polo successfully obtained the joint investment from Intel and LG Electronics. Mr. Sun Xiaoguang, Director of Intel China Investment and Dr. Cui Yuanran, Director of LG Electronics China Office, joined the board of Marco Polo. As a result, Marco Polo's board of directors expanded to 5 members. Previously, three directors were Mr. Su Jinting, the founder of Marco Polo, Mr. Xu Xiaonian, the famous economist and Mr. Liu Tianwen, the chairman of iSoftStone. Mr. Sun Xiaoguang and Dr. Cui Yuanran will help to enhance the comprehensive strength of Marco Polo. With its deep industry background, rich management experience, extensive network resources and strong capital operation ability, the development of Marco Polo network has been further accelerated. September 2014, Tencent Department of South China City Holdings Limited and Marco Polo network signed an investment cooperation agreement, as Marco Polo network of strategic investors. South China City Holdings Limited is a listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong integrated trade logistics enterprises, is planning, construction, operation of large-scale comprehensive trade logistics center pilot, is committed to the development and construction of multiple industry categories as one of the modern integrated commerce Logistics base. Tencent investment in the South China City, the time before and after the network can be Polo, the two capital increase in South China City. "Tencent - South China City - Marco Polo network," the formal establishment of a strategic alliance. The three parties will focus on enterprise needs in supply chain management, financial services, mobile business opportunities and other aspects of cooperation, together to build China's leading small and medium enterprises O2O ecosystem.

2015, according to Analysys International, "2015 China E-commerce B2B Market Annual Report" shows that in 2014 the Marco Polo network in the B2B field SKU (number of goods sold) 680 million goods, more than the Alibaba B2B website 2.3 billion SKU, as well as HC network of 0.5 million SKU. Marco Polo website daily active users published goods 800,000, more than the same area Alibaba daily active users publish the number of goods 300,000, as well as HC daily active users released the number of goods 10 million. The report shows that Marco Polo has become China's leading B2B service for small and medium-sized Web site. 2016, Marco Polo network has been in the field of B2B for 10 years, and Baidu, Google and other common search giants, insist on a rich variety of product lines, to China's tens of millions of small and medium business owners, including electricity providers and supply chain finance, , Financial tax, marketing and other services, including a number of enterprises. China's e-commerce B2B market from the 1.0 information age, 2.0 match trading era, the development to large data as the core of the "three-dimensional" service 3.0 era, the face of the wave of new industrial environment, turbulent new capital opportunities, The sword of the Marco Polo network also ushered in a new strategic deployment and business transformation: from the global precision procurement search engine experts, upgrade to link B2B business leaders in business and services; from the procurement of search platform construction, change into electricity providers and supply Chain financial, financial services, finance and taxation insurance, business links and other B2B whole industry chain of integrated three-dimensional services, build on China's leading B2B database built on the wisdom of large data B2B ecological service platform.

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