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What Is It? Instant Checkmate is a comprehensive people search engine. Within minutes, Instant Checkmate can generate a background check on almost anyone, and provide information in one simple, easy-to-read, report. Background reports can include detailed personal information, such as: *Criminal Records *Location History *Known Associates *Social Media Profiles *And much more Instant Checkmate is one of the top background check services in the United States, and has been mentioned in esteemed publications such as GQ, The Huffington Post, Mashable, and Buzzfeed. How Did It Begin? In 2010, online dating exploded in popularity. As smartphones and social media changed the playing field, Americans flocked to cyberspace to meet potential suitors. But the move of online dating to the mainstream wasn’t without some consequences. Although daters were now flooded with ample choices in romantic partners, there was no way to find out if potential matches could be dangerous, or even deadly. At the time, a series of high-profile murders made headlines. Predators were using online dating sites to find their victims. The subsequent media coverage captured the attention of Instant Checkmate’s co-founders, Kris Kibak and Joey Rocco. They asked themselves, What if you could check someone’s criminal history, before you met them for dinner? For hardy investigators, they could hunt down previous arrests and convictions through public records, but at the time it was a lengthy and time-consuming process. Not many singles wanted to waste hours at City Hall researching every person they met online! So Kris and Joey decided to create an online product that could expose important information about a potential partner’s past, before you met them face-to-face. Instant Checkmate was designed to crawl through multiple data sources, and return a comprehensive rundown of who you were really meeting up with. Over time, Instant Checkmate grew into a much bigger tool. The wealth of information was ideal for anyone who wished to background check themselves, or find lost family or friends. Now it’s one of the most popular background checking services on the Internet. Our Goal Instant Checkmate has had the same goal since its inception. It serves to protect and inform the public about potential threats around them - be it your own reputation or a dangerous date. Public records are available to anyone - if you’re willing to wait for them! We cut out the long process, and give you the real scoop in a matter of seconds. If someone has a dangerous criminal conviction - like being a registered sex offender - we think you deserve to know about it before putting yourself in harm’s way. How It Works Although some websites claim to offer free background checks, they’re either being shady about their services, or they don’t have access to the same data sources that we use. For every background report retrieved, we pay our data providers. This information isn’t readily available for free. Because every state and county manages their databases of public records differently, we’re not responsible for the records themselves - we just compile what we find into a report. This is why you have to pay a small membership fee to access this data. Instant Checkmate uses the same databases as government agencies, law firms, and large corporations. We work with the best, to ensure your report is up-to-date and contains information from reputable data sources. Instant Checkmate also has access to deep web data that isn’t available in standard search engine results. This data includes information collected from government records, in addition to information sourced from federal, state, and local agencies. Instant Checkmate members have the option of choosing between two types of reports: standard and premium. All of our reports aim to compile multiple data points into one, easy-to-read document. A Standard Report With an Instant Checkmate subscription, members have access to unlimited standard reports. A standard report can include the following data: * First and Last Name * Date of Birth * Age * Phone Numbers * Current and Last Known Addresses * Persons Living at the Same Address * Census Data * Satellite Imagery of Properties * Possible Relatives * Arrest and Conviction Records * Social Media Profiles and Other Online Accounts * Blogs * Possible Photos and Videos * Astrological Sign * Horoscope Compatibility * Traffic Records * DUI arrests * FAA Licenses * DEA Licenses * Nearby Sex Offenders A Premium Report For a slightly higher fee, a premium report can reveal additional information like: * Civil Judgments * Corporate Affiliations * Watercraft Owned * UCC Filings * Properties Owned * Voter Registration * Old Phone Numbers * Email Addresses * Tax Liens * Bankruptcies * Professional Licenses * Weapons Permits * Hunting/Fishing Permits * Foreclosures * Date a SSN Was Issued * Possible Neighbors * Business and Personal Associates PDFs Instant Checkmate reports are immediately available online. However, for a small, one-time fee, members can also download their background report in PDF format. This allows users to easily print their report, or share it with someone via email. Why You Need A Background Checking Service There are many occasions when a background checking membership comes in handy. 1) Run A Background Check On Yourself Many of our members use Instant Checkmate to see what information is posted online about themselves. We’ve had reports of customers discovering a supposedly “expunged” record appearing on their background report. Thanks to Instant Checkmate, they could follow up with the court and look into getting it removed. Instant Checkmate should be your first stop when it comes to your online reputation

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