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Institutional Mission "To portray Brazil with information to identify its reality and the exercise of citizenship." Key Features The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics - IBGE is the main data provider and country information, that meet the needs of different segments of civil society, as well as organs of government federal, state and municipal levels. The IBGE offers a complete and current view of the country, through the performance of its main functions: Production and analysis of statistical information Coordination and consolidation of statistical information Production and analysis of geographic information Coordination and consolidation of spatial information Structuring and implementation of a system of environmental information Documentation and dissemination of information Coordination of statistical systems and national cartographic Historic During the imperial period, the only body with exclusively statistical activities was the General Directorate of Statistics, created in 1871. With the advent of the Republic, the government felt the need to expand those activities, especially after the implementation of civil registration of births, marriages and deaths. Over time, the authority responsible for statistics in Brazil changed its name and functions a few times until 1934 when it was extinguished the National Bureau of Statistics, whose duties passed to the relevant ministries. The lack of a skilled body to articulate and coordinate statistical surveys by unifying the action of specialized services operating in the country, favored the creation, in 1934, the National Statistics Institute - INE, which started its activities on May 29, 1936 . The following year, was instituted the Brazilian Geography Council incorporated to INE, which was renamed then Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. Since then, the IBGE fulfills its mission: identifies and analyzes the territory account the population, shows how the economy evolves through work and production people, yet revealing how they live. Structure The IBGE is an entity of the federal government, under the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, which has four boards and two other central organs. So that their activities can cover the entire national territory, IBGE has a national network of research and dissemination, consisting of: 27 State Units (26 in state capitals and 1 in the Federal District) 27 Sectors of Documentation and Dissemination (26 in the capitals and 1 in the Federal District) 581 Data collection agencies in major cities. The IBGE also maintains the Ecological Reserve of Roncador, located 35 km south of Brasilia.

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