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Introduction Crossrider enables developers to build extensions that run all of the most commonly used Internet browsers. The platform provides several tools that make designing, creating and publishing extensions quick and easy. Additionally, the platform is free to developers that are not using their own monetization tools. Since its inception, Crossrider has grown to more than 30,000 developers creating extensions on their platform and over 700 million users utilizing them Technical Details Crossrider extensions are built using jQuery and JavaScript. The same code runs on all browsers and the platform takes care of building the installers for each browser. When new browser versions are released, the extensions seamlessly continue to run. Using Crossrider’s cloud-based IDE means that developers do not need to download an SDK. The platform is replete with numerous tools to facilitate the extension making process. The Developer Center on the Crossrider website hosts demos, docs, screencasts and the plugin library, among other resources. Extension Examples Numerous extensions have been created using Crossrider. One such example is “TipRanks”, a financial analysis tool for smarter investing, which allows users to compare between analysts' performance. This add-on automatically displays the measured performance of financial experts based on their past recommendations, so the readers know whose analysis to trust. TipRanks used Crossrider’s platform to create a side tab that appears whenever users browse analyst reports on any of the popular financial news websites. Another example is an extension called “Google+Facebook” that unifies these two social media sites. The extension makes navigation between Facebook and Google+ fast and simple. Users can update their status on Google+ and Facebook simultaneously. This extension was created in just one day using the Crossrider platform. Further combining the most popular features of both Google and Facebook is the “+Like” extension. It adds the equivalent of a Facebook “Like” to Google Search. +Like gives users the ability to see the number of people that benefited, or “Liked”, particular Google Search results. +Like was made in under four hours using the Crossrider platform. The People behind Crossrider At the beginning of 2011, Koby Menachami and Shmueli Ahdut, both formerly of Seeking Alpha, founded Crossrider. Menachami served at Seeking Alpha as its Vice President of Research and Development / Chief Technical Officer, while Ahdut is the former Director of Technology, as well as a developer. Oren Zeev, a Founding Partner at Orens Capital, is one of the company’s investors.

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