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With the rise of the online sector as the primary source of news, CLUTCH has been an industry leader in forging the movement into the digital age for its target demographic. Online publishing has been in demand from viewers, with people demanding news immediately and conveniently. With a site that has been accumulating steady increase of viewers each quarter since its inception, CLUTCH has proven that there is a market for Black women that hasn't been filled before. Reminiscent of ESSENCE in its appeal but unique in its platform and content, CLUTCH is the only online magazine for the African-American woman that is updated numerous times daily and releases a full issue every Monday. CLUTCH is also the first blog network that caters to African-American women, offering the newest and important news in fashion, entertainment, designer brands and parenting. Every facet of today's multicultural woman is explored -the conscious mind, the clothes mind, the social mind, and the progressive mind in a medium that enables instant feedback and user-friendly interaction. With weekly interviews with the biggest names in the world (Russell Simmons, Diahann Carroll, Sheila Johnson, Sanaa Lathan, John Legend, Suze Orman, among others) along with contributions by some of the most eclectic minds of this generation, CLUTCH has barely scratched the surface of how potent it can become. Insightful analysis of pertinent news, celebrity interviews, internationally recognized designs and easy-to-use social network tools serves to provide a solid framework for which to continually improve. Declining newspaper circulation and outstanding content are two of the biggest reasons why CLUTCH will continue to be a force. With relevancy, engagement and style our constant focus, CLUTCH is a publication that has yet to see its best days. The CLUTCH Blog Network Solidifying our status as a rising powerhouse in the new media industry, CLUTCH has launched a niche blog network, the first specifically for women of color . The CLUTCH blog network, updated 3-6 times daily, offers insights and information on topics such as fashion, entertainment, beauty and parenting. The Edge Entertainment news and hearsay from the fringe of mainstream culture. The Edge provides the freshest, insightful "hip-smart" commentary as it pertains to those in the know. We administer a daily dose of the most intriguing chatter about everything from your favorite personalities to rants about TV, Film, Music and much more. Stylistic All fashion, all the time, Stylistic is the ultimate fashion sanctuary for urban stylistas worldwide. With daily styling tips, collection reviews, looks for less and more, every feature is meant to keep Clutchette's both fashionably self-confident and knowledgeable shoppers. Fuchsia Beauty at it's best. Fuchsia is our beauty and hair blog that serves as a daily supplement to CLUTCH's beauty department. Fuchsia features product reviews and trend reports on the latest in hair, makeup and skincare. Paper Paper is here to help you get your money right and prepare yourselves for the career you've always dreamed of! With tips on education, money management, and career placement, we hope to get you all just a few steps closer to living a prosperous life. So whether you're a soon-to-be college grad or going back to pick up an extra degree, working for a Fortune 500 Company or recently unemployed, visit "Paper" to touch up on the skills and planning you'll need to make the most out of your current situation. Pad Pad is our home décor blog. Looking to renovate, redecorate, or simply spice up an old space in your house? You've come to the right place! "Pad" will highlight all the latest products, techniques, and tips that you'll need to tackle that home décor project with ease. Golden Golden is the only blog in the network that is not updated daily. Golden serves as a community blog surrounding our culture. Contributors include Kevin Powell, Siddiq Bello, Kierna Mayo, Michaela angela Davis, Jason Orr, Amiri Rose, Khari Campbell, Elkhair Balla and more. Updated with a purpose. News.Gossip.Info Internationally known, News.Gossip.Info. is the premier blog for those who choose to be informed and empowered on news, politics, health and more.

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