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The origin of the University of Belgrade can be tracked down to the beginning of the 19th century, when Dositej Obradović founded the College in 1808. The University of Belgrade is the leading higher education institution in the region, with a tradition of over two centuries. Founded in 1808, today the University has 31 faculties, 11 scientific research institutes, the University Library and 8 centers within its scope. The Faculties of the University of Belgrade are divided into four scientific groups: the group of faculties of social sciences and humanities, the group of faculties of medical sciences, the group of faculties of sciences and mathematics and, finally, the group of faculties of technology and engineering sciences. Students, both domestic and foreign, have at their disposal 11 student dormitories, numerous restaurants, medical facilities, a sports center, a cultural center, two academic artistic associations and various student organizations. There are approximately 90000 students attending the University of Belgrade (all levels of studies), over 2000 foreign (exchange) students and close to 7000 teaching and administrative staff members. Accredited study programs that are conducted at the University have been harmonized with the principles of the Bologna Declaration, with the aim to make the University of Belgrade a part of the Common European Education Area. In the previous academic year, 133 undergraduate, 112 master and 80 doctoral and specialist study programs were accredited at the University. International cooperation with an emphasis on the mobility of students and teaching staff is one way of achieving the above mentioned aim. This cooperation gives students an excellent opportunity to learn, through the exchange of students, about other countries, languages and cultures, but also to be unique ambassadors of their country abroad. It is crucial to stress that the University of Belgrade is a member of many international associations, such as EUA (European University Association), UNIADRION (Adriatic Sea Region University Association), Danube Rectors’ Conference, Black Sea University Network, and is an active participant in European programs TEMPUS, CEEPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, FP7. The quality of teaching and commitment to working with students can easily be recognized through many honors and awards bestowed upon the University of Belgrade. Impressive results achieved by students at prestigious international championships helped to bring back Serbia her just place on the educational map of Europe and the world. Besides competitions in knowledge, we can be proud of many successes of our students at sporting events. After numerous medals won at basketball, volleyball, handball and football competitions, since recently we can also be proud of the rowing team that has proven itself a worthy opponent to the famous Cambridge University rowing eight. The University of Belgrade has extensive cooperation with leading companies which conduct business in Serbia. This cooperation is realized through various forms of strategic collaboration and partnership. A special dedication and support to our graduates’ future careers is shown by the University Center for Career Development, which is an important link between graduates and employers. The Career Center puts special emphasis on raising awareness of students and graduates about present day business and market conditions and challenges. With that in mind, a special University internship program was established last year, when a Protocol on Cooperation was signed between the University of Belgrade and the City Administration of the City of Belgrade. The Protocol gave our students a unique opportunity to conduct internship in public utility companies and public enterprises in the City of Belgrade. During the two centuries of its existence the University of Belgrade has served its people, and its former students and teachers have greatly contributed towards the development of cultural, scientific, educational, political and economical life of our country. The University of Belgrade is prepared to maintain and improve its position as the leading higher education institution both in the country and in the region, by preserving what is worthy in its tradition and also by adapting to the challenges of the present day.

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