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Appmobi is the secure mobile services platform that makes hybrid HTML5 and Cordova-based enterprise apps secure in minutes, not months. It is the first company of its kind to provide enterprise-grade security to hybrid HTML5 Cordova mobile apps with such astonishingly fast deployment. The Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform consists of five core services: Appmobi Security Kit, Secure Push Messaging, Secure Live Update, Secure Analytics and Secure Data Store. The platform easily integrates and works with a developer’s existing development tools, providing the mobile services required to build truly secure hybrid apps in an easy-to-install package – all hosted on an enterprise’s private cloud or on premise. Originally founded in April 2006, the Appmobi Software Development Kit (SDK) was acquired by Intel® in February 2013. The transferred technology now forms the basis of the Intel® XDK, which allows developers to build optimized HTML5 applications for mobile platforms. Appmobi maintains a partnership with Intel® that makes the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform available to Intel® XDK developers, enabling the development of secure mobile apps via Intel’s best-in-class HTML development environment. Based in San Francisco and Poughkeepsie, NY, Appmobi is a privately held company backed by Aspire Ventures. Appmobi History: In 2007 Appmobi was the developer of the most popular streaming media web app on the iPhone - In the following years, Appmobi was also a leading provider of streaming media technology, including cross-platform apps, to the largest US radio broadcasters. In August 2011, Appmobi made available the Appmobi XDK (cross platform development kit) which allowed developers to use HTML5 technology to create fully functional mobile apps that run across different hardware platforms, including Android and iOs. Additionally, the XDK rendered the exact same code as a 'web app' or an 'enhanced' web app that performs exactly the same as a native app. In December, 2011, Appmobi released its directCanvas technology as open source. directCanvas speeds HTML5 game screen rendering by as much as 18x, delivering "native" game performance to games written with HTML5. Also in December, ReadWrite named Appmobi as the "Most Promising Company for 2012". March 12, 2012, Appmobi released version 1.0 of jqMobi, an open source, jQuery-like JavaScript framework that is highly optimized for delivering an identical user experience on Android and iOS HTML5 mobile apps. On Feb 21, 2013, Appmobi announced to its developers that all of its HTML5 development tools had been acquired by Intel, leaving appMobi as a "pure play" mobile cloud services provider. In late 2013, Appmobi joined Aspire Ventures and continued with a set of cloud services for SMEs. In January 2015, Appmobi pivoted and began development of an enterprise product - the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform - which launched in early November 2015.

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