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XLR Forum

Company Name

XLR Forum

Main Industry

Retail, Automobile Dealers


XLR Forum Profile and History

XLR among first to offer Adaptive Cruise Control The XLR will be among the first vehicles to be offered with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). While not a substitute for full driver attention, this system greatly expands the convenience of cruise control. ACC uses a radar sensor mounted at the front of the car to detect objects in its path. If the lane ahead is clear, the system will maintain the set speed, just like conventional cruise control. When a vehicle is detected in the same lane in front of the car, the system will adjust vehicle speed to help maintain a constant following distance, set by the driver. If a vehicle or object in the path of the car is stationary or moving at significantly slower speed, the system provides visible and audible alerts to the driver. ACC is set by a conventional stalk-mounted control but is monitored through a graphic representation in the head-up display.

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XLR Forum

XLR Forum!!

XLR Forum!




$3.8 M



Primary Industries

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What is XLR Forum revenue?

XLR Forum revenue is $3.8 M

How many employees does XLR Forum have?

XLR Forum has 20 employees

What are XLR Forum’s primary industries?

XLR Forum’s main industries are: Automobile Dealers, Retail

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for XLR Forum?

XLR Forum appears in search results as XLR Forum, XLR Forum!!, XLR Forum!XLR, XLR FORUM ACTIVITES...See More