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Visit Kinosaki

Company Name

Visit Kinosaki

Main Industry

Hospitality, Cultural & Informational Centers


Contact Information


1-79 Oiso-cho, Ooisochou, Hyogo, 668-0041, Japan

+81 796-21-9002

Visit Kinosaki Profile and History

Make hotel reservations and get information on sightseeing, dining, activities, and more in Kinosaki and its surrounding areas, 2.5 hours from Kyoto.


Kinosaki Onsen


Kinosaki Onsen Spa


$4.7 M



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Visit Kinosaki Email Formats

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What is Visit Kinosaki revenue?

Visit Kinosaki revenue is $4.7 M

How many employees does Visit Kinosaki have?

Visit Kinosaki has 22 employees

Where is Visit Kinosaki headquarters located?

Visit Kinosaki headquarters are located in 1-79 Oiso-cho, Ooisochou, Hyogo, 668-0041, Japan

What are Visit Kinosaki’s primary industries?

Visit Kinosaki’s main industries are: Cultural & Informational Centers, Hospitality

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Visit Kinosaki?

Visit Kinosaki appears in search results as VISIT KINOSAKI, Kinosaki Onsen,, Kinosaki Onsen Spa...See More