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The Beam

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The Beam

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Fitness & Dance Facilities, Hospitality


The Beam Profile and History

The Beam is Chiropractor, Massage Therapist & Physiotherapists recommended and comes with an easy to follow instruction sheet, free online videos, 30-minute yoga class + 10-minute meditation. What is happening to your body when you use The Beam and what will it do for you? As you lie on The Beam, you will feel your shoulder blades sinking away from your body while they move towards the floor, you really want to think about yoga style deep belly breathing, inhale and then exhale. Think about letting go and allowing gravity to help open up your chest. T he Beam helps your shoulder blades fall to the floor, starting to release the muscle tension that you carry across your chest. When you do not stand up straight and are hunched, your shoulders will move forward. Our users feel that their posture is improved and when they get off of The Beam they remember to stand up straight and keep their shoulders relaxed. Every time you take a deep breath and relax, you will feel yourself sink into The Beam further while gravity is doing most of the work. Always remember to keep your shoulder blades towards the mat, it's really important to let the shoulder blades fall away from your back. The Beam feels like it forces you to be aware of your body while contracting those core muscles and forcing you to keep your head and shoulders back. The Beam makes it easy for your posture to do what it should be doing! Helping to keep your spine straight. What's the big difference between the Gentle & Firm? Who should buy a Gentle verses a Firm? The Nimbleback stretches and exercises are the same, but the feel is different between the gentle & firm foam beams. Everyone is different and that is why we made two foam densities for our customers. Some users find the firm too hard- usually our older customers or people who have less muscles tension or people with tender backs. We want to give our customers a choice and all you have to do is decide what foam density works for you. Most customers purchase the Combo pack so they will have different densities depending on how they are feeling. Gentle: Great as a starter product for people new to stretching or core training. Perfect for users who prefer a softer touch or who have less muscles tissue on their backs. If you're somebody who wants something more restorative or relaxing you're going to want the gentle beam. The Beam Gentle is a softer foam and is available in Blue. Firm : Releases tension with stronger intensity as it is a more dense foam. Recommended if you have a lot of muscles tissue or are really active and muscular. Perfect for users who like a deep tissue massage and really want to feel like they are getting into those tight and tender spots. The Firm Beam can also be used for balance exercises and releasing tension in the feet. What if the firm beam is too hard? You can lay a towel or blanket onto The Beam, this will soften the way it feels on your back and you can then work your way up to the firm as you get less tight. Many of our customers will purchase the combo pack and will start with the gentle beam and then work up to the firm as they get stronger. What is the difference in the sizeof The Beam? We made the travel beam for our customers who sit often and those that are on the go as it is more compact. We created our travel beam because we found a lot of our customers were using the beam in a chair in their office and the long one was too floppy. Travel beam is only available in a FIRM foam density which is a green. Our regular size beam comes in 2 foam densities (Gentle is available in blue & Firm is green or black). Once you start using The Beam, you will not want to be without it and you will want to have both the travel size and regular size. What is the difference between The Beam and a Foam Roller? Foam rollers can be really painful and The Beam is gentler on your body. You can easily roll off of a foam roller unlike The Beam. The difference between the roller is that you do need to have active muscles to stay on a roller and with The Beam you don't. You can really release, relax and restore while you do a simple stretch without having to exercise the muscles at the same time which is another great benefit of using The Beam. Who should be using The Beam? Anyone who has ever experienced tension should try The Beam. If you are somebody that uses a computer or smart phone. We all have bad habits that cause us to lean forward which causes tight muscles. If you are someone who is afraid of getting a hump from your forward posture, you will benefit from using The Beam. The rest of your body relies on your core, so anyone who drives a lot, texts, teenagers with backpacks, athletes. Where can I use The Beam? The Beam is portable and easy to travel with and can be used at home, work, the gym, yoga class, injury and treatment facility, on a plane or in a car. Use it on the floor, against a wall or in a chair. Can I use The Beam on an air plane? Yes. The Travel Beam is similar to a backrest and will support your spine while you fly to help you relax and allow you to stretch when needed. You can use your travel beam on an air plane . Especially if you are a nervous flyer, use it to relax. The Beam is really meditative and is a great tool to help you stretch. The Beam also helps you go into your pressure points and gives you something to focus on other than what's that noise and what is the flight attendant doing. Can you travel with the regular beam? Yes-it is portable and very bendable. Put it in your suitcase and you can wrap your clothes around The Beam. How is The Beam going to help your body? It's important to help both your body and mind, by doing a little bit of meditation at the end of the day or stretching on The Beam will help you release the stress of your day. We offer a 10 -minute meditation on The Beam and a 30-minute yoga class that will help you build strength. You will release your tight muscles and feel rejuvenated after using The Beam. There are a lot of benefits to using The Beam and you would be surprised at how much of a difference this little bar can make in your life. What is the easiest exercise with The Beam? The Back Booster.

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The Beam

The Beam™

Nimbleback Inc

Nimbleback Inc.


$19.2 M



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Becky Goulet
Becky Goulet

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Christa Geddes

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What is The Beam revenue?

The Beam revenue is $19.2 M

How many employees does The Beam have?

The Beam has 97 employees

What are The Beam’s primary industries?

The Beam’s main industries are: Fitness & Dance Facilities, Hospitality

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The Beam appears in search results as The Beam, The Beam™, Nimbleback IncNimbleback Inc., More