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Terence Parr

Company Name

Terence Parr

Main Industry

Repair Services, Consumer Services


Terence Parr Profile and History

Deep explanations of machine learning and related topics. Terence Parr is a tech lead at Google and until 2022 was a professor of data science / computer science at Univ. of San Francisco, where he was founding director of the MS in data science program in 2012. While he is best known for creating the ANTLR parser generator , Terence actually started out studying neural networks in grad school (19 87). After 30 years of parsing, he's back to machine learning and really enjoys trying to explain complex topics deeply and in the simplest possible way. Follow @the_antlr_guy . One of the biggest challenges when writing code to implement deep learning networks is getting all of the tensor (matrix and vector) dimensions to line up properly, even when using predefined network layers. This article describes a new library called TensorSensor that clarifies exceptions by augmenting messages and visualizing Python code to indicate the shape of tensor variables. It works with JAX, Tensorflow, PyTorch, and Numpy, as well as higher-level libraries like Keras and fastai. See also the TensorSensor implementation slides (PDF). Vanilla recurrent neural networks (RNNs) form the basis of more sophisticated models, such as LSTMs and GRUs. But, sometimes the neural network metaphor makes it less clear exactly what's going on. This articles explains RNNs without neural networks, stripping them down to its essencea series of vector transformations that result in embeddings for variable-length input vectors. I provide full PyTorch implementation notebooks that use just linear algebra and the autograd feature. Linear and logistic regression models are important because they are interpretable, fast, and form the basis of deep learning neural networks. Unfortunately, linear models have a tendency to chase outliers in the training data, which often leads to models that don't generalize well to new data. To produce models that generalize better, we all know to regularize our models. While there are lots of articles on the mechanics of ...

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United States


$1.7 M



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Terence Parr Top Competitors

CompanyEmployeesRevenueTop technologies
Chris Albon

Chris Albon

9$2.2 M
Pluripotent Ltd

Pluripotent Ltd

11$2.5 M
Hyun Suk Ryoo

Hyun Suk Ryoo

8$1.8 M
Ali Taheri

Ali Taheri

8$1.3 M
Machine Learning Applications

Machine Learning Applications

16$3.7 M

What is Terence Parr revenue?

Terence Parr revenue is $1.7 M

How many employees does Terence Parr have?

Terence Parr has 9 employees

Where is Terence Parr headquarters located?

Terence Parr headquarters are located in United States

What are Terence Parr’s primary industries?

Terence Parr’s main industries are: Consumer Services, Repair Services

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Terence Parr?

Terence Parr appears in search results as Terence Parr