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Sports Power Partners

Company Name

Sports Power Partners

Main Industry

Electricity, Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities & Waste


Contact Information

Santa Monica, California Office

902 Centinela Ave, Santa Monica, California, 90403, United States

Sports Power Partners Profile and History

With nearly four decades of experience operating commercial facilities, Sports Power Partners is uniquely positioned to advise our customers on energy efficiency, while implementing clean energy solutions that will reduce expenses and improve profitability. With energy costs rising around 5%-8% per year and our access to fossil fuels decreasing, it is time for a shift in how we power our commercia l facilities. While the high upfront cost of solar is typically outside the range of most facilities, Sports Power Partners connects our clients with solar investors who cover the cost of the energy system, and pass on substantial savings on to the customer, thus saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. Our clients will save money, reduce their reliance on limited fossil fuels, and appeal to their customers by being part of a significant shift towards sustainability. College Park Athletic Club - Chicago, IL In the Fall of 2018, Sports Power Partners will install over 1,200 solar panels at College Park Athletic Club, which will produce over 80% of its annual energy consumption, and nearly eliminate CPACs reliance on traditional grid energy. As the premier tennis training facility in the Midwest, over 60 sports trainers at CPAC use over 700,000 kWh each year, which is the equivalent of burning 350 tons of coal through traditional energy methods. In partnership with Sports Power Partners, CPAC will drastically reduce its carbon footprint, lock in a lower cost for energy, and reduce its dependence on large utility companies. What is wrong with traditional energy? Why is solar energy the solution? About half of the energy that is used by the U.S. comes from coal- a toxic, non-renewable, resource that is increasingly harder to obtain. Countless mountains have been destroyed to find this resource, negatively impacting surrounding communities. Oil and natural gas also provide much of our electricity. These non-renewable resources are also increasingly more difficult to obtain worldwide, subject to constant price ...

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Sports Power Partners

Sports Power Partners LLC


$807 K





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What is Sports Power Partners revenue?

Sports Power Partners revenue is $807 K

How many employees does Sports Power Partners have?

Sports Power Partners has 3 employees

What are Sports Power Partners’s primary industries?

Sports Power Partners’s main industries are: Electricity, Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities & Waste

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Sports Power Partners?

Sports Power Partners appears in search results as Sports Power Partners, Sports Power Partners LLC