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Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit

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Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit

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Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations, Organizations


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United States

Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit Profile and History

In 2007 I got my very first foster from Smiling Dog Rescue in Tucson Arizona. I remember it like it was yesterday. I came home from work and told my, then boyfriend, now husband, I spoke to an amazing woman named Rica today and we are going to get a foster dog this afternoon. His response was ok, I hope it isnt going to be a pitbull. A little while later Rica pulled up to our house with a big, bea utiful, block headed pittie named Sasha. That was all it took. We were hooked on rescuing dogs and fell in love with pitbulls. We are a military family and have moved around some since 2010 but we kept on finding dogs to foster and I kept on calling Rica for advice. I decided to try to continue Ricas amazing efforts here in Florida. And with that Smiling Dog Rescue Florida has emerged. Our goal is to help shelter dogs that are in risk of being euthanized find forever homes and a lifetime of happiness. We currently have very few fosters. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs when can get out of the shelter and into safety. In the meantime, we are a group of volunteers that are willing to help find you a good match for your lifestyle with a dog directly from the shelter. We can help bring the dog to your house and get them properly introduced to your existing pack. Many of us are at the Brevard County South Shelter several days a week and know the dogs well. Let us help. We want what is best for everyone involved. Just call or email and we can get someone to meet you there and try to make it an enjoyable experience. Many people walk into the shelter and immediately get overwhelmed. There are 50 dogs all barking for attention Some have bad kennel presence, some hide in the back of their kennels, scared to death. Some have health issues that seem like a big deal but really arent. We will walk you and talk you through it all. We post adoptable dogs from the shelter on our facebook page. We are a non-profit, 501c3.

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Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit

Smiling Dog Rescue Florida


$986 K



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What is Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit revenue?

Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit revenue is $986 K

How many employees does Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit have?

Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit has 10 employees

What are Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit’s primary industries?

Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit’s main industries are: Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations, Organizations

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit?

Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit appears in search results as Smiling Dog Rescue FloridaSnip-a-Pit, Smiling Dog Rescue Florida