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Shudokan Martial Arts Association

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Shudokan Martial Arts Association

Main Industry

Sports Teams & Leagues, Hospitality


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PO Box 6022, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48106, United States

(734) 645-6441

Shudokan Martial Arts Association Profile and History

The Shudokan Martial Arts Association (SMAA, Shudokan Budo-Kai) was founded in January 1994 by a group of martial artists who were concerned with promoting and safeguarding Nihon budo and koryu bujutsu--the traditional martial arts and ways of Japan. The original members of the SMAA were Karl Scott Sensei (karate-do seventh dan, aikido sixth dan), Nicklaus Suino Sensei (judo sixth dan, iaido seven th dan), H. E. Davey Sensei (jujutsu seventh dan), and the late Walter Todd Sensei (judo eighth dan, aikido sixth dan). From the original core group, the association has grown to include many of the preeminent practitioners of martial arts in and outside of Japan such as: Otsuka Yasuyuki Soke (Headmaster of Meifu-Shinkage Ryu shuriken-jutsu) Iwasaki Hisashi Soke (Headmaster of Kobori Ryu suiei-jutsu) Sawai Atsuhiro Sensei (Kobori Ryu suiei-jutsu) Suzuki Kunio Sensei, (Nakamura Ryu and Toyama Ryu iaido, Wado Ryu karate-do) Ohsaki Jun Sensei (Saigo Ryu aiki-jujutsu and Kodokan judo) Cynthia Hayashi Sensei (Aikikai aikido) Stephen Fabian Sensei (Hontai Yoshin Ryu jujutsu, Toyama Ryu iaido) Hunter Armstrong Sensei (Owari Kan Ryu sojutsu, Yagyu Shinkage Ryu kenjutsu, Shindo Muso Ryu jojutsu, and Goju Ryu karate-do) Guy Power Sensei (Nakamura Ryu iaido and battodo) Herb Wong Sensei (Shorin Ryu karate-do) Richard Yamamoto Sensei (Kodokan judo) Mr. Dave Lowry (Shindo Muso Ryu jojutsu, Yagyu Shinkage Ryu kenjutsu, and Aikikai aikido) Mr. Wayne Muromoto (Takeuchi Ryu jujutsu, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu iaido) And many others. The SMAA is a small, fraternal organization with a decidedly noncommercial outlook on modern budo and koryu bujutsu. It includes separate divisions for karate-do, aikido, judo, traditional jujutsu, and iaido. Both associate membership (without rank) and regular membership (with rank) are available to individuals sincerely interested in researching and training in the classical martial systems of Japan. Regular international seminars, e-mail newsletters, a quarterly journal, a blog, access to this website, and examinations for dan/kyu ranking are benefits of membership. All members are bound by the SMAA Code of Ethics. The leaders of the SMAA all have close ties to the martial community in Japan, or they live in Japan. Although they are reimbursed for their expenses, they receive no salaries. Their rewards lie in the friendships that are born within the SMAA and the exchange of knowledge that takes place as the result of SMAA membership. What's in a Name? Shudokan means "an Institution for Cultivating the Way. (Do, or "the way," refers philosophically to discovering the right and natural way to live.

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The Shudokan Martial Arts Association






Shudokan Martial Arts Association Executive Team & Key Decision Makers

Name & TitleContact Info
Karl Scott
Karl Scott

Aikido and Karate-Do Divisions Director

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How many employees does Shudokan Martial Arts Association have?

Shudokan Martial Arts Association has 32 employees

Where is Shudokan Martial Arts Association headquarters located?

Shudokan Martial Arts Association headquarters are located in PO Box 6022, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48106, United States

What are Shudokan Martial Arts Association’s primary industries?

Shudokan Martial Arts Association’s main industries are: Hospitality, Sports Teams & Leagues

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Shudokan Martial Arts Association?

Shudokan Martial Arts Association appears in search results as SHUDOKAN MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION, SMAA HQ, The Shudokan Martial Arts AssociationSHUDOKAN MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATIONINC, More