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Pylons Project

Company Name

Pylons Project

Main Industry

Business Services, Information & Document Management


Contact Information

Ferrara, Italy Office

Ferrara, Italy

Pylons Project Profile and History

We aim to bring fresh ideas to classic problems. We hope to combine a lot of hard-earned maturity into the development of a secure choice that developers and companies can bet on. Couple this with the humility and irreverence gained by surviving every stupid decision that could be imagined, and you've got a good basis for a team of developers. Why is the Pylons Project different than other proje cts? Our mantra is: "Small, Documented, Tested, Extensible, Fast, Stable, Friendly". Everything we do, from Pyramid to the batteries we want to develop for later "batteries-included" projects, should retain these qualities. What do you mean by "Friendly"? All of us have been around the block a few times. We've seen good communities and bad communities, effective communities and dysfunctional communities, arrogant ones and irreverent ones. We pride ourselves on constructive listening, telling the truth even when it makes us look bad, admitting when we're wrong, and attracting lots of people who actually like to help. What does the Pylons Project mean for Zope and Plone? The repoze.bfg people came from the world of Zope and Plone. Paul Everitt, for example, was a co-founder of Zope and was at the first Python conference at NIST. Zope was a tremendous success in the first cycle, with some truly fresh ideas and a large commercial ecosystem. Plone continued that in a second cycle, with an even larger ecosystem and an obvious, out-of-the-box value proposition. Since then, the cycle has moved on and focus has shifted to other projects. We love our Zope roots, the experience we gained helping establish the Zope Foundation and the Plone Foundation, and consulting experience we have on very large projects. But we want to take these experiences and start fresh together with Pylons, one of the clear winners of the last cycle, to work on something for the next cycle. If you're doing Zope and Plone and have a project that fits their bulls-eye, use them. If you have something that could use those ideas for an alternate need, keep an eye on what we're doing. How do I participate? See How to Participate.

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pylons project

The Pylons Project



Top Pylons Project Integrations and Technologies

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Pylons Project Product Offerings

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Pyramid Framework

Pyramid Framework



Pylons Project

Pylons Project



Largest Customers of Pylons Project Products

More than 4 companies reportedly use Pylons Project products in their tech and software stacks

Pylons Project Email Formats

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How many employees does Pylons Project have?

Pylons Project has 10 employees

What are Pylons Project’s primary industries?

Pylons Project’s main industries are: Business Services, Information & Document Management

What are Pylons Project’s key products?

Pylons Project’s key products are: Waitress, Pyramid Framework, Pylons Project

What are some additional names or alternative spellings that users use while searching for Pylons Project?

Pylons Project appears in search results as pylons project,, The Pylons Project